Here's How To Win Free Starbucks For Life

We go out for coffee almost every day, and it's such a part of our lives that we've basically memorized the Starbucks secret menu. So when we heard that there's a way to win free Starbucks for life our ears perked right up — think of how much money you could save if you didn't have to drop $5 on a latte every day just to be able to stay awake at work.

The coffee chain has brought back their "Starbucks for life" holiday contest, which can be played by using their mobile app, or by going to the contest website (via Starbucks). But what exactly does coffee for life mean, and are there any other prizes being offered? We decided to find out. 

Here's all the prizes in the Starbucks coffee for life contest

When Starbucks says "coffee for life," what they really mean is a free drink or food item for the next 30 years, so if you're younger than, say, 40, it's not as great a deal as it sounds (via Business Insider). But still, saving that money every day adds up over 30 years, especially when you take into consideration how much the price of coffee might increase over the next few decades thanks to inflation and climate change (via Time).

There are other prizes you could win, too, including a year of free Starbucks, six months of free Starbucks, three months of free Starbucks, and more. There are also instant win prizes, and you can earn bonus stars, which you can redeem for free drinks and food once you've collected enough. 

Other prizes include non-Starbucks food and drink options, like a PlayStation 4, movie tickets, and Starbucks-branded merchandise.

To earn plays, customers can make purchases at Starbucks using a Starbucks card or the mobile app, or they can request a free play on the Starbucks for Life website — each customer can play twice daily. The contest ends on January 6, so if you're a caffeine fiend and want a chance to win, you better start playing before time runs out.