How To Get Starbucks' Secret Menu Valentine's Day Drink

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and while those with rose-colored glasses on might be happy to see hearts from their first cup of coffee on, Starbucks has graciously withheld from the romanticism. Since the beloved coffee shop is lacking a red-and-pink menu this year, its fanatics have stepped in to create their own secret menu Valentine's Day drink.

The drink is generally being referred to as a "Chocolate Strawberry Cold Brew," though some are putting their own spin on the order. The concoction has begun popping up on Instagram thanks to its photogenic pink foam. Resembling a chocolate-covered strawberry, the coffee beverage includes a few love-struck ingredients like strawberry purée and sometimes raspberry syrup or chocolate shavings (via MyRecipes).

Hack the menu for a Starbucks Chocolate Strawberry Cold Brew

In recent years, Starbucks has offered a Cherry Mocha topped with Valentine's Day sprinkles (via Starbucks), and is it still possible to recreate a similar spin on this one-time seasonal drink by asking for a couple pumps of raspberry syrup in your white chocolate mocha — one of the few holiday-adjacent flavors currently available.

As for the new secret menu Valentine's Day drink, ordering can be a bit complicated. So be patient, and consider placing this order after the morning rush passes. Start with a cold brew with sweet cream cold foam. Then add a couple pumps of raspberry syrup and white chocolate mocha, if you like. Ask for strawberry purée to be mixed with the sweet cream cold foam to add a touch of love-inspired color. Finally, top with chocolate shavings if you're so inclined.

If you're in a hurry or simply want an on-the-menu drink order that reflects your festive feelings for the holiday, consider ordering one of Starbucks' existing Valentine's Day-hued concoctions like a Pink Drink, Violet Drink, or a Very Berry Hibiscus Lemonade (via Starbucks). And if you do choose to go for the secret menu Valentine's Day drink, don't forget to tip your barista for their act of love.