The Secret Item You Can Order At Burger King

There's something just extra enough about ordering at Burger King with a secret menu in mind to make it feel a little luxurious — and it's even more so when hunger strikes and you need a thicker burger than the standard. The secret item you can order at Burger King is all of that (and then some) to make sure your stomach is fully satisfied. You might not even need extra fries when you order this monster.

If this mega-burger secret item is something on your list to try, however, you might want to do it sooner rather than later, just to be on the safe side. The chain is trying to stay close to McDonald's numbers, but with a stagnant image and some failed marketing gimmicks throughout its history, Burger King might just be falling behind.

How to order this secret Burger King menu item

Next time you go to Burger King, ask the cashier for a Quad Stacker, which Taste of Home claims will not leave you hungry — and it shouldn't. The burger is stacked high with four beef patties, four slices of cheese, bacon, and Burger King's special sauce. If your location doesn't recognize this burger by the name of Quad Stacker, you might want to try ordering a Suicide Burger, which is the same thing by another name (via Hack the Menu). If all else fails, just order a Triple Stacker with an extra patty, cheese, and bacon. 

While other secret menu items like the Burger King BLT or the Burger King Club add more bacon to the original Whopper or chicken sandwich, respectively, it just can't compare to the Quad Stacker's four patties and bacon. Though these secret menu items pack a little extra protein, it just doesn't stack up to the sheer size of the Quad Stacker's cube of beef (via Secret Menus).