The Reason In-N-Out Burgers Are So Cheap

In-N-Out is a household name all over the country despite its scarcity beyond California. So, why are people so excited to grab a bite from this seemingly simple fast food chain? In short it's the company's budget-friendly prices and consistently impressive quality. But how do they keep their prices so low? 

Well, In-N-Out maintains a fairly limited menu which reduces the company's cost for raw ingredients. But don't worry, the company has a "secret menu" which includes wild variations of fan favorites using their ingredients. They also save money by purchasing products — like their beef — wholesale. They then do the work of processing the food in-house. Lynsi Snyder, the company's president, says that by sourcing their products on their own, they likely save 3 to 5 percent each year. The company cuts an additional 6 to 10 percent by owning its own properties (via Forbes). The team is committed to their method which cuts down on unanticipated costs while keeping consumer expectations met, and customers can expect the same experience when they walk into any one of the 300 plus locations. In-N-Out seems to have it all figured out — its seems that more than 70 years of serving hungry customers has taught them well.

In-N-Out's prices might be low, but they pay their employees well

All of In-N-Out's thrifty methods leave cash in your pocket, and also more money for employees. In fact, the company offers some of the best employee benefits and wages in the industry, which explains why staff members are always so peppy. The company starts wages at $12 per hour, and some locations where cost of living is high — that's you Silicon Valley — they pay their staff as much as $18 an hour (via Glassdoor).

So, basically In-N-Out is the best company ever? Actually, yeah sort of. In-N-Out was ranked number three on Glassdoor's list of best places to work in 2019. Add in the chain's affordability, quality, and incredible customer service and you'd be hard-pressed to find a better burger delivery system.

Hats off to you, In-N-Out.