How To Score A Dairy Queen Blizzard For 80 Cents

Dairy Queen just announced that they will be serving up a sweet treat for the next 10 days. When you stop in and buy one Blizzard, you can get one for almost free, too. Any of your favorite Blizzards are up for grabs, and you can score the second one for just 80 cents (via Taste of Home).

Any DQ fanatic knows there are a few tricks behind every upside-down blizzard, but it's all sweet treats this month. While many fast-food restaurants require customers to download and use their mobile app to take advantage of the latest promotions, Dairy Queen has not announced any such requirement. So you can do things the old school way and just ask to take advantage of the BOGO deal when you order at a store.

Get an 80-cent Dairy Queen Blizzard soon

In case you were unaware, Dairy Queen is celebrating its 80th birthday this year. The chain has been famous for its incredible soft serve since 1940, and they're still going strong. So, if you were wondering why the second blizzard costs what seems like an arbitrary figure, it's just part of the celebration.

All fast-food deals must come to an end eventually, and sadly, this one will not be long-lived. The promotion is only available through March 15, so swing by the fast-food restaurant soon and often to make the most of it. It's also worth noting that no blizzard is off-limits for this deal, so even the Blizzard of the Month is up for grabs (this month it's a good one — Mint Oreo!) — the second Blizzard just has to be of equal value or cheaper than the first to fit the promotion. 

So go with a friend to nab an 80-cent Blizzard, or pick up an extra one to keep in the freezer for a sweet treat another day.