The Best And Worst Whiskeys To Put In An Old-Fashioned

The old fashioned is a cocktail that is made with whiskey and citrus rinds to add bitters. As whiskey is the main ingredient, it is on the stronger side of cocktails. For fans of the old fashioned, or those interested in trying it for the first time, the type of whiskey used is an important factor in how the drink comes out.

The best whiskeys to use are:

Buffalo Trace Bourbon. This whiskey has notes of caramel and vanilla. It will give you a smooth old fashioned, but with hints of spice (via Vine Pair). It is great served on the rocks and gives a bit of sophistication to the drink. Also, this is the most affordable whiskey to have on hand for dinner parties (via My Domaine).

Four Roses Small Batch Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. This whiskey has notes of butterscotch and caramel, with a hint of spice and red berries. It is an ideal whiskey for mixing and will result in an old fashioned that is light and mellow. Using a citrus garnish will further bring out the flavors (via Thrillist).

More quality whiskeys for your old fashioned

Bulleit Straight Bourbon Frontier Whiskey. This whiskey has a higher rye content than most, which contributes to an improved balance between the sugar and whiskey. The whiskey is also spicier than others, with a more oaky flavor. It has notes of ginger, black pepper, and vanilla.

Eagle Rare Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. This whiskey works great in an old fashioned by giving more depth of flavor than would be expected at the price point (via Vine Pair). The whiskey features notes of vanilla, molasses, and maple, and is a whiskey of choice at influential cocktail bars.

Rittenhouse Rye. This is an affordable whiskey with notes of pepper, oak, caramel, spice, and a hint of fruit. It has a drier finish (via Vine Pair). This is the whiskey for people who aren't big fans of whiskey. It is also the whiskey of choice for Don Draper of Mad Men.

The worst whiskey to use in an old fashioned

The worst whiskeys to use (according to HuffPost, which did a taste test) are:

High West Son of Bourye. This whiskey is described as neutral, a little boring, woodsy, bland, dry and gritty, with a bad aftertaste.

Wild Turkey 101. This whiskey tastes strongly of sugar, with a bitter aftertaste.

John J. Bowman. This whiskey is described as hard to enjoy, overly sweet, harsh, and unbalanced.

Maker's 46. This whiskey is described as very harsh with a bitter aftertaste that overwhelms the palate.

Jack Daniels. This whiskey is described as rough, with "off" flavors that are neither sweet nor smooth, and was compared to the taste of artificial sweetener.