The Difference Between Del Taco's Cheapest And Most Expensive Taco

Fast food is well known for its cheap prices, and Del Taco's menu is no exception. While they offer many value packs and meal deals, we looked at the tacos they have available to compare the cheapest and most expensive options in order to decide what the difference between the two actually is.

According to Fast Food Menu Prices, the most expensive taco on Del Taco's menu is the Flatbread Steak Taco, listed at $3.19 each. The cheapest taco listed on their menu is the Value Taco, which is priced at a mere 69 cents. The Value Taco is also referred to as the "Regular Taco" by fans. While prices of these tacos can vary slightly depending on location, this gives you a ballpark figure to keep in mind.

Del Taco's website describes the Flatbread Steak Taco as being composed of carne asada (seasoned beef) nestled within a flatbread "shell" that takes the place of Del Taco's usual soft flour or crunchy corn tortilla shell. This beef is then topped with a buttermilk-based sauce and a mix of romaine and iceberg lettuces, followed by cheddar cheese and tomatoes. The Flatbread Steak Taco weighs around 153 grams and delivers 350 calories. 

The Value Taco, on the other hand, is a much more standard fast food taco, featuring seasoned ground beef in a hard shell corn tortilla, topped simply with a mix of iceberg and romaine lettuces and cheddar cheese. The Value Taco weighs around 63 grams and contains 130 calories.

It comes down to the meat and shell in these Del Taco offerings

The real difference between these two types of tacos is the meat and shell. LA Magazine describes Del Taco's carne asada as tender and well-seasoned, with the beef feeling more "real" than other fast food meats. They do say there is a bit of a weird coating on them, which is attributed to the potato starch and other additives (why does Del Taco add powdered beef fat to their meat?), but all in all, they call Del Taco's carne asada something that has never been done in the fast food sector. In an article ranking fast food chicken tacos, Serious Eats describes the flatbread used in the Flatbread Steak Taco as surprisingly satisfying, noting that the bread is served warm and gives the sauce space to spread out.

In an article on the recent expansion of the Del Taco Value Menu, Thrillist claims the Value Taco might be the best value taco in all of fast food. In a review, Brand Eating describes the ground beef in the Value Taco as a little bland, but calls the lettuce crispy and the cheddar cheese clearly freshly grated.

So which is the better deal? It depends on what you're looking for. The Flatbread Steak Taco is described as filling and satisfying, has more toppings, and is a fresh and inventive take on the fast food taco. The Value Taco is exactly what it claims to be — a cheap, no-frills fast food taco.