This Is The Right Way To Eat Burrata Cheese

Burrata cheese is a favorite for fans of cheese and Italian food. It is a creamy ball of deliciousness made of a pouch of mozzarella cheese that's then filled with mozzarella curds, which is essentially the mozzarella before it has been kneaded and stretched to its normal consistency, as well as fresh cream (via Eataly). The pouch is then sealed to keep the filling inside (via Epicurious).

There isn't a single right way to eat burrata cheese, but rather, multiple right ways to enjoy it. However, there are certain steps to take to ensure the best quality and flavor.

Burrata should be served at room temperature. To achieve this, remove it from your refrigerator about 30 minutes before serving. It is also best served fresh, so make sure you don't buy it too far in advance. For the best taste, eat it the same day you buy it.

After you have fresh burrata at the right temperature, there are many ways to serve it. One of the best ways to enjoy burrata is by serving it with bread or tomatoes and sprinkling sea salt or olive oil on the creamy part.

More delicious options for your burrata

Another option is to replace the mozzarella in caprese salad with burrata, and you can also use it in pasta dishes by tearing up the burrata and placing it on top of the pasta. The creamy part can blend with the rest of your meal, and the outer mozzarella will pair well with your dish (via Food & Wine).

One popular way to use burrata is on pizza — all you have to do is add the burrata as soon as the pizza is removed from the oven. Tomatoes and arugula make great accompanying toppings. It also works well on prosciutto pizza.

Burrata goes well with most produce, and you can pair it by tearing the outside pieces of the mozzarella and adding it to salad or pasta dishes. It also goes with fruit, such as sliced peaches.

Omelet lovers can enjoy burrata by adding it to the omelet right before it's finished cooking. This will let the cheese melt into the omelet to best distribute the flavor.

To get really fancy, use burrata to make grilled cheese. Add bacon, pesto, or tomato slices to the sandwich to give it some more flavor and crunch.

However you prepare it, the burrata is sure to be delicious.