The Secret Items You Can Order At Wendy's

Who doesn't love a secret menu? They're a fun way to shake up your usual order, and a chance to try something super over the top and indulgent that you would probably never think of eating on your own. (Seriously, who comes up with these?) We're always on the lookout to try extravagant and experimental menu items from our favorite fast food chains. Usually, these orders are made by combining a few different ingredients or entire regular menu items to create a new (and often totally ridiculous) product. 

While Wendy's does not have a huge secret menu like other restaurants seem to have, we found two sandwich combinations that fans and staff alike claim you have to try at least once, and we found out how to order them in case the person behind the counter has no idea what you're talking about when you drop the secret menu item's name.

Wendy's has two crazy sandwiches on its secret menu

Secret Menus lists two items on Wendy's secret menu, The Barnyard and The Grand Slam. The Barnyard originally combined a beef patty, spicy chicken patty, ham, and bacon into one very meaty stack. If your request for The Barnyard is received with blank stares from the staff member who takes your order, Hack The Menu recommends ordering this sandwich by asking for a burger patty to be added to either an Asiago Ranch Chicken Club or Spicy Chicken Sandwich, depending on the spice level you're looking for. They also inform us that Wendy's has stopped serving ham entirely, so your Barnyard will sadly be without this pork product.

According to Wide Open Eats, The Grand Slam (or Meat Cube, as some fans refer to it) consists of four of the chain's signature square patties and two slices of cheese. You can even request extra cheese on this item if you want to really indulge. Hack The Menu claims you can order this sandwich by asking for an additional burger and slice of cheese to be added to the Dave's 3/4 lb. Burger. They also allege you can ask for a Dave's One Pound Burger, but don't be surprised if this phrase results in confused looks from Wendy's employees who might not be in the know when it comes to the many nicknames for this secret menu item.