The Grossest Recipe Recreation From Binging With Babish

Binging With Babish is a popular cooking channel on YouTube, which counts over 6 million subscribers on the platform. According to the Binging With Babish website, the channel seeks to combine creator and star Andrew Rea's passion for teaching and experimenting in the kitchen with his love of television and film. 

All the videos are shot in the kitchen of Rea's New York City apartment. Newsweek describes the channel as a unique spin on the YouTube cooking video trend of recreating foods from popular films and television shows, and asserts the real draw of Rea's videos comes from his commitment to authenticity and matching the food exactly. When you watch an episode of Binging With Babish, you can trust that Rea went beyond the obvious shortcuts and really devoted the time, energy, and capital required to figuring out how the food each episode revolves around would actually have been made.

The grossest thing Binging With Babish ever recreated

In an interview with Forbes, Andrew Rea reveals the most disgusting dish he ever recreated was the Milk Steak and Jelly Beans from television show It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia. For obvious reasons, this recipe did not make the cut when Rea was selecting what to include in his cookbook. This will come as no surprise to fans of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, as, according to Philly Voice, the food featured in the show is frequently revolting and often dangerous to eat. 

Fan site It's Always gives some context to the dish, claiming character Charlie Kelly listed it as his favorite meal on a dating website profile. Later in the episode (via Eat Me Daily), Kelly orders the dish while on a blind date, requesting from the waiter "milk steak, boiled over-hard, with a side of your finest jelly beans, raw." In his Forbes interview, Rea calls the dish "a little simplistic and utterly disgusting," claiming it was by far the worst, most offensive thing he has ever recreated on Binging With Babish.