Common Mistakes You're Making At Brunch

It's finally the weekend and after a long night of drinking and some much needed sleep it's time to meet up with some friends for the best of breakfast and lunch: brunch. A good mid-morning meal and maybe a little more booze in the form of a mimosa (or three) is the perfect way to recharge. But are you doing it wrong? It's a rare meal that usually only comes once (or if you're lucky twice) a week, so the stakes are high. Here are some tips to follow from the brunch pros.

First things first: If you're not making a reservation, you're doing it wrong. Brunch is in high demand and lines can be out the door at some of the poppin' places, so it's never a bad idea to skip the lines — and the hangry friends — by calling around early in the week. And if you aren't checking the menu before you sit down, you're also making a mistake. Many spots have extensive menus with loads of appetizing options so making a decision can seem impossible in the moment. You don't want to be the friend holding up your table of hungry brunchers, so show up ready to fire away with your order (via Spoon University).

How you're doing homemade brunch wrong

Maybe you're hosting a brunch at home and avoiding the crowds all together? Well, you still aren't entirely safe from brunch blunders. In fact, the pressure is on because you are responsible for the food, and we all know how much can go wrong in the kitchen. Eggs seem simple enough to prepare, but when you're hosting people, trying to cook, and have conversation, a lot can go wrong. For example, if you cook the eggs too early, then you're serving something unappetizing, cold, and rubbery — totally not Instagrammable. Instead, make a baked egg dish like a casserole or a frittata. You can prep it before your pals show up so you won't be multitasking like a maniac once they get there. 

Another misstep that's easy to make is preparing the wrong amount of food. Running out of a main dish is catastrophic — at least in the brunch world — but making too much food is costly and wasteful, so be sure to plan your menu wisely.

More mistakes to avoid when hosting brunch

Here's how not to get labelled as the host who ran out of food: Usually three ounces of cooked protein is a good portion to serve each guest. During the brunch hour, eggs are the go-to, so if you opt for a baked dish make sure there are enough eggs in it for each person to get about two. 

For sides, it's smart to make dishes ahead of time that save well. Muffins and other baked goods are a great option, as well as brunchy salads. If you make dishes that can be saved, you can keep living out the memory or your brunch for the coming days via leftovers.

Beyond that, a super easy trick to make sure your brunch flows smoothly is to serve it buffet style. If you have to formally serve each guest it can create an awkward flow in conversation. It also makes it far more difficult to enjoy brunch yourself if you're bearing the burden of host, chef, and server (via The Spruce).

Here's a mimosa toast to better brunches ahead!