Where Does Ina Garten Live, And How Big Is Her Home?

Ina Garten certainly appears to live a luxurious life. Garten's personal website, Barefoot Contessa, lists her as a cookbook author, television personality, regular magazine contributor, and small business owner. 

The primary home where she lives (and films her television show) is located in the town of East Hampton, New York, which the Travel Channel describes as having a charming, small-town feel. In a 2016 interview with BuzzFeed News, Garten described herself as a private person. That explains why it's so hard to find information about the size and interior of her actual home, and not just what "Barefoot Contessa" devotees refer to as "The Barn," a 2000-square-foot building that serves as her office space and the set of her TV show. What we do know, based on information from real estate company Spokeo, is that the property is a single family home that sits on a 37,026-square-foot lot.

BuzzFeed News writer Sandy Allen describes the main house as a shingle-style farmhouse where the show was filmed prior to construction of The Barn. Blogger Jalon Burton claims the kitchen in Garten's home is almost an exact replica of the one we see in The Barn on television and states that it's almost impossible to find interior shots of the house after an interview published in 1994 by House Beautiful. Zillow estimates the price of the house would be worth around $4.7 million if it were put on the market today.

Everything has its place in her kitchen

With all the cooking she does, Ina Garten needs to keep her kitchen in tip-top shape. In April, Garten shared an Instagram post about her kitchen "spring cleaning," including organizing her spice racks, as well as her baking dishes and dinnerware.

"Spring cleaning time! Every year, I organize my pantry and weed out old oils and baking powder," Garten captioned her post. "This year, I got clear plastic containers for all those messy chocolate chip and dried bean packages. It's easier to see what I already have when I'm making a grocery list!"

Using organization tools such as clear containers is an easy way to organize your pantry, so it's no surprise Garten relies on them, too. She also keeps her beautiful green cookware and dinner plates on display on her kitchen shelves — when you have such a lovely collection, why wouldn't you?

Garten's East Hampton home is decked out in neutral shades

During a 2018 home tour for theSkimm, Garten showed Katie Couric around her home, which was outfitted with plenty of fresh hydrangeas and other floral arrangements. And neutral colors seem to be a common theme in Garten's house.

Shades of cream, beige, and white dominate the living room at Ina Garten's East Hampton, New York residence. There aren't many pops of color in this space, unlike the green cookware found in Garten's kitchen. Despite the lack of color, though, Garten's living room looks incredibly cozy, with a fireplace and several framed photos above the mantel. 

"I hate design that tries too hard," Garten told The New York Times in 2012. "Anything that looks like design, that says, 'Aren't I fabulous,' is totally without style. It needs to fit in, it needs to be appropriate, it needs to be comfortable." Her neutral-hued living space definitely fits that description.

She has plenty of outdoor space

Forget tossing hamburgers and hot dogs onto a grill on your deck. When you're Ina Garten, you have an open fire pit for the grilling. In September 2021, the Barefoot Contessa shared a photo of herself and her husband, Jeffrey, cooking hot dogs over a truly impressive fire in their backyard. "Summer holidays call for hot dogs!! Instead of grilling them, we like ours cooked over an open fire," Garten wrote on Instagram. "Jeffrey and I are traditionalists — potato rolls, spicy Gulden's mustard, and LOTS of relish." Sounds good to us!

Garten also seems to love sharing photos of her outdoor space in the winter, like this snapshot of her gardens covered in a blanket of white snow. No matter the season, Garten's home is picture-perfect, both inside and out.

Plus, the outdoor space isn't just pretty; it also allowed Garten to host outdoor dinner parties on her patio during the pandemic. "Entertaining outdoors has been such a surprise pleasure during these difficult times," Garten wrote in an October 2020 Instagram post.

Her home has beautiful gardens

One part of Ina Garten's Hamptons house that fans are frequently invited inside is The Barn. BuzzFeed News describes it as two large rooms. One contains a massive kitchen with blond wood floors, which the camera crew is instructed to protect with cozy white blankets if they need to set down any equipment. The second room is more of a living room, with a stone floor, a large hearth, and countless books lining the walls. 

The Barn has French windows and white ceilings with exposed support beams. In a 2018 interview with The Cut, Garten stated that she was inspired by both Blue Hill at Stone Barns and Belgian style when designing The Barn. Elle Decor gives credit for the estate's original gardens to landscape designer Edwina von Gal, who was introduced to Garten by none other than Martha Stewart. The layout is described as a square divided into four quarters: the house, the orchard, the garden, and a simple lawn. The orchard features 25 crab apple trees that bloom with fragrant, white blossoms every May. 

The property also has additional gardens, designed by Joseph Tyree, that connects the two plots of land on Garten's estate. These newer sections contain winding paths, floral archways, and a vegetable garden.

She enjoys city life, too

In addition to the Hamptons property, Ina Garten has two pieds-à-terre: one in Manhattan and one in Paris. Her Manhattan apartment was described by Forbes as worth $4.65 million in 2016. It's a two-bedroom, three-bathroom apartment that takes up 2,450-square-feet of the Philip House, a pre-war building located on the Upper East Side's Park Avenue. The apartment features 10 foot-ceilings, multiple fireplaces, and an abundance of natural light. 

Considering it's owned by the Barefoot Contessa, the apartment features a state-of-the-art kitchen (updated in 2018 with a $15,000 stove, according to Town & Country) and a massive library with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves. The New York Post claims the property was listed for sale in 2017, but no other outlets listed it as sold or mentioned Garten moving out. 

According to blogger Jalon Burton, Garten's Paris apartment was purchased in 2000 on the top floor of a building located on the border between the 6th and 7th Arrondissements. It features painted wood floors, a large kitchen, and a terrace with beautiful city views.