The Truth About Padma Lakshmi's New Hulu Show

It takes a special kind of someone to enthrall audiences to watch them eat, but when it comes to Padma Lakshmi, we just can't get enough. This beloved host has helped experience the food magic that happens on hit show Top Chef, now airing its 17th season. Food & Wine has the latest news on the popular cooking guru, and while the next All-Star season is sure to be a hit boasting big-name chefs and even bigger prizes ($250,000 to the winner), you won't have to wait until season 18 to see Padma again. 

Her love of food will be on display in her new show Taste the Nation on June 19. It's clear this project is an expansion of her love of food and the culinary world, and Padma's enjoyment of food is no secret. As she shares in fitness, she enjoys both eating and exercise. "I love food way too much to starve myself just to look good," she said. "I will put in the work at the gym so I can enjoy what I eat." In fact, on every season of Top Chef she reports going up two dress sizes from all that decadent food.

Padma's new show explores the tastes of America

As shared on her Instagram, Lakshmi's new show is an exploration of tastes and human connections. A clear passion project, she describes this venture, "It's a project I've spent years developing. We traveled across the country visiting indigenous and immigrant communities to find out what American food is today." 

Food & Wine adds some additional details. The show will air on Hulu on June 19th, and the host will visit 10 different cities that will be shown in half-hour episodes. Each episode will begin with a single dish from a family recipe that has been passed down through generations. The series will explore dishes from indigenous groups to immigrants, diving into not just the food but also the culture behind each eating experience. 

Says Lakshmi of the experience, "The process was incredibly emotional and rewarding, a journey I will never forget. "⁣