The Truth About Burger King's Exclusive Crown Card

Acquire enough wealth and power and you'll find all sorts of exclusive perks coming your way. While billionaire-funded Illuminati parties might be the pinnacle of secret luxuries, way, way, way down the line is the Burger King Crown Gold Card. If you come into possession of this card you can walk into any Burger King you want and get all the free food you want. That's right — while all the peasants are forced to hand over $1 for a Burger King taco, you can order them up without having to pay a dime. 

Head to Burger King's website and you'll see that a Crown Card is just the standard gift card. This is not the exclusive card that celebs like George Lucas have, but rather the sort of thing you might get from your coworker as a secret Santa gift because they once saw you eating a Croissan'wich

The Crown Gold Card that guarantees you free food forever first came into existence in 2006, and only those with serious Burger King clout can get one (via Serious Eats). 

Sorry, you have to be famous to get one

According to Reader's Digest, only around a dozen people are in possession of this exclusive gift card and, of course, it's the folks who would never need a limitless Crown Card — celebrities. A Burger King spokesperson told AdAge that the card is only handed out to celebrities who had a "long-standing relationship" with the burger chain. 

For example, George Lucas got one because Burger King has repeatedly been the official fast food sponsor of several Star Wars films. Robert Downey Jr. snagged himself membership for crediting Burger King for helping him beat drug addiction — seriously. Actor Hugh Laurie got a card by publically lying about already having one.

Having a Burger King Crown Gold Card is may even impress Burger King employees more than the celebrity who hands it to them. Jay Leno said that when he flashed his card, the employee taking his order said, "Whoa... where'd you get this? " Leno said the employee could have cared less that he was the host of The Tonight Show or driving a Porsche. 

When it comes to exclusive fast food cards, there's one card most people would probably agree is better than a Burger King Crown Gold Card... a McDonald's Gold Card.