The New DiGiorno's Pizza Everyone's Talking About

DiGiorno just threw a curveball to all those arguing over thin or thick crust styles. Yep, there's a new line of pizzas coming from the brand, and they all feature a croissant-inspired crust. The line will start with three kinds of pizza with the new crust (via People).

The base of the new pizza line will feature a buttery, flakey crust with a variety of classic toppings. The pizzas will be available in four cheese, three meat, and, of course, plain ol' pepperoni. DiGiorno makes their pepperoni with pork, chicken, and beef for a rich mixture. The three meat pizza includes pepperoni, sausage, and beef as the toppings. Finally, the four cheese pizza will have mozzarella, Asiago, Romano, and Parmesan cheeses.

When The Impulsive Buy posted the new pizza box on Instagram during a trip to the store, people expressed their excitement immediately. While all of the current options are more than enough to try, for the time being, excited pizza lovers online are already imagining new possibilities. One person even thought up a breakfast pizza concept that they would like to see DiGiorno explore (via People).

When the new DiGiorno pizza will hit shelves

A few lucky people have already spotted these croissant crust pizzas on shelves as early as the end of March. The official launch, however, will happen in May. Target stores across the country will be stocking the delicious-looking pizzas, and a few other select retailers will have them on freezer shelves too. So shop with your eyes peeled for the new DiGiorno box.

In the meantime, DiGiorno has tons of other pizza products to try. DiGiorno is known for its rising crust, which was first introduced in 1998 as a new concept in the world of frozen pizzas (via PMQ). In fact, there are 14 different kinds of the original rising crust pizza, so there are certainly enough to stay busy taste testing in the meantime (via DiGiorno).

No matter what your personal pizza preference is, chance are you'll want to pick up one of these new croissant crust pizzas to try. Chances are more butter and a thick, flakey crust cannot be a bad thing.