The New Aldi Hummus That Has Everyone Talking

Aldi's latest new product has made a splash and has everyone talking, thanks to the many flavors it comes in. The budget grocery store just released several new flavors of hummus, and they sound pretty interesting. While hummus is often a great dip for pita chips and veggies, these new flavors of hummus are perfect for shaking up how you eat sandwiches, salads, wraps, and maybe even how you top tacos.

According to Delish, most of the new flavors have a Tex-Mex inspired twist. Just a couple of months ago, Eating Well reported that the budget grocery store was selling dill pickle hummus, which we imagine found a divided audience. The new flavors include chipotle, taco sweet corn, and Tex Mex black bean, so there are plenty of southwestern-inspired varieties to choose from these days.

Though all of these hummus flavors have first popped up in Anaheim, California as it appeared on the Instagram page of user Aldi BFF, these different types of hummus should spread across the country soon enough.

What you need to know about Aldi's new hummus

The best news about all of these new hummus flavors is that each container of the spread only costs around $2.29, though that may vary by location. With a price tag that low, it might be time to pick up one of each and try all of the flavors.

So far, people who have tried the hummus flavors have loved them, but it appears that we can all agree that some of these flavors sound a little more unique than others. The most ordinary-appearing flavor of hummus is the chipotle hummus. No one really knows exactly what's inside, but the lid shows two kinds of peppers, which look like a bell pepper and a jalapeno. As to the rest of the ingredients, it's still anyone's guess.

The other two flavors are a little more unusual, but still just as interesting. The taco sweet corn hummus reminds us of sweet corn relish mixed with mildly spicy taco seasoning, so that should be fun to try. Finally, the Tex-Mex black bean hummus is also somewhat abstract, though it sounds like a delicious combination of taco seasoning and black beans for another mildly spicy option.

Until we can all try them, it's anyone's idea as to what they taste like or what the listed ingredients are. So, keep an eye out for them and take a look at the hummus containers if you see them at Aldi soon.