The Real Reason McFlurry Spoons Are Shaped That Way

There's a new video on TikTok that has everyone's attention these days, and it is one that explains quickly and decisively the real reason McFlurry spoons are shaped the way that they are. According to The Daily Meal, the McDonald's worker posted a video to the social media platform that not only gives an idea of what else the spoons might be used for thanks to their unusual shape, but a demonstration of how it's used as well

For years, a lot of McDonald's McFlurry customers had some theories on why the hollow spoons with a square hole at the end were designed the way that they were. No, they're not faulty, square straws — as it turns out, the spoons are actually used to make your McFlurry. Better yet, the spoons help cut down on work and time for the staff so that the process of making the sweet treat is all the more efficient (via Fox News). You might even want to try to sneak a peek at the process the next time you are at the fast-food chain and order a McFlurry.

How the spoons are used to make McFlurries

As it turns out, the square hole in the handle of the McFlurry spoons is actually designed that way so that it fits onto the machine that blends your toppings in. The way it works is the McDonald's employee fills a cup with their soft-serve ice cream and scoops whatever topping you ordered onto the top of the soft serve. Next, they push the handle of the spoon onto the mixer and hold the cup under it until the toppings are mixed in well. Once it's done, they simply pop the spoon off the mixer and serve it. Easy as that.

By using a spoon that can be served with the ice cream and used for the customer to enjoy their McFlurry, McDonald's has eliminated a part of the machine that would otherwise require a lot more work. If there was a single attachment on the machine, the staff would have to wash it far more often, so having a straw designed this way actually cuts down on a lot of time.