This Is Chrissy Teigen's Secret To Perfect Scrambled Eggs

Chrissy Teigen is one of those people who seems absolutely perfect. She does it all: Teigen is the author of the hit cookbook Cravings, mother of two, wife to singer John Legend, influencer, actress, producer, and sports illustrated swim model (via IMDB). Lucky for all of us, she let us in on how to get a little piece of her perfection when she shared her scrambled egg secrets.

The recipe is magically cheesy despite its total lack of cheese. In a post on her blog, So DelushiousTeigen oozed over the egg dish, writing, "How could something as simple as SCRAMBLED EGGS be so....creamy, flavorful, savory, cheeeeeesy. They actually tasted like they had love inside of them. And they did — 6 – 8 eggs can take around 20 minutes of constannnnnt babying." You'd be hard-pressed to find a better sales pitch for something as simples as eggs.

We're sold, so how do you make these excellent eggs?

Chrissy Teigen's no-cheese cheesy eggs

Teigen says there's actually no recipe to make the perfect eggs, just some tips. The stylish chef is pretty explicit about this being a slow recipe, so don't expect to whip up these yellow friends in five minutes. On the contrary, you should plan for at least 20 minutes hovering over the stove. 

First, place a non-stick pan on low heat, and add enough butter "to make Paula Deen smile." Then mix half a dozen-plus eggs with a charitable amount of heavy cream, and some salt and pepper. Then whisk the mixture up. 

Teigen recommends using a heat-proof silicone spatula to slowly and continuously scramble the eggs with love and attention. She also recommends pulling the eggs off the stove about two minutes early if you like them on the runnier side.

So, go grab yourself some eggs and cream, and you can impress the John Legend in your life with this seemingly-simple, secret weapon recipe.