The Truth About The Popeyes Family Meal Bundles

Popular fast food chain Popeyes, known for their juicy and super delicious fried chicken, is now offering family meal bundles to help make feeding and ordering dinner for the whole family even easier. According to Brand Eating, the company has expanded its previous Family Meal offerings to include popular items such as the Popeyes fried chicken sandwich and deep-fried apple pies — and to make the combos more customizable. 

It's no surprise Popeyes chose to include the fried chicken sandwich in their new family meal bundle line up, as CNN reports that Restaurant Brands International CEO Jose Cil called the chain's fried chicken sandwich "a game changer for the brand in every way" and said it was a major motivator in increased traffic and sales for Popeyes in 2019. 

Thrillist asserts the family meal bundles are available for both pick-up and delivery, but you could always try your hand at making your own copycat Popeyes chicken at home, using the recipe and tips revealed earlier this week by Popeyes head of culinary innovation Amy Alarcon.

What you get when you purchase one of the new Popeyes family meal bundles

Popeyes family meal bundles can feed between three and five people, depending on which option you choose. Delish states that the three-person family meal bundle comes with eight pieces of chicken, three of those famous chicken sandwiches, one large side, four biscuits, and three apple pies, while the four-person bundle ups the number of chicken sandwiches to four. 

The five-person family meal bundle is, for obvious reasons, the largest amount of food. It contains 12 pieces of chicken, five chicken sandwiches, two large sides, six biscuits, and five apple pies. You can choose if you would like spicy or original chicken, and the sides available to pick from include fries, mashed potatoes, red beans and rice, coleslaw, green beans, or Cajun rice. The outlet notes that prices start around $35, but will vary by location. 

The family meal bundles are only available for a limited time and at select locations, so be sure to check if your local Popeyes is offering the deal before heading over.