Trader Joe's Trick To Keeping Toilet Paper In Stock

If you didn't panic-buy toilet paper in the first round of stocking your home to weather quarantine during shelter-in-place orders for the novel coronavirus pandemic, then chances are you have had to pick some up since then. While many retailers have had bare shelves where the prized item should sit, Trader Joe's has found a trick to keeping toilet paper in stock.

In the latest Inside Trader Joe's podcast episode, Matt Sloan, vice president of marketing for Trader Joe's, and Tara Miller, the company's marketing director, recently lent some insight into how the company has pulled it off for so many weeks. Apparently, the key is all about seeking out unlikely or uncommon sources during such unusual times (via Fox News).

In Trader Joe's case, the beloved grocery chain has reached out to a large hotel chain to stock its stores across the country with highly coveted toilet paper (via Eating Well).

Trader Joe's has turned to a large hotel chain for its TP supply

While the marketing duo did not name which hotel chain is their supplier during the novel coronavirus pandemic, they did explain how it has worked out for everyone involved. An executive at the hotel chain apparently reached out to Trader Joe's with an opportunity to sell their surplus supplies. Within 10 days of the deal, Trader Joe's had individually wrapped rolls ready to be sold.

Much of the supplies were intended to be used by hotel guests, but since the pandemic has brought nearly all travel to a screeching halt, the hotels were able to make some money by selling their supplies. In turn, Trader Joe's is able to keep one of the most difficult products to find during the pandemic on its shelves.

Trader Joe's method to keep toilet paper in stock has benefited everyone involved, luckily. That includes their customers, too. However they have been able to keep up with the strange times, we are certainly happy they have.