The Boozy New Aldi Find That Has Everyone Talking

As the sun gets hotter, the blackberries get sweeter. It's undeniable that blackberry juice is the blood of summer and merlot is the perfect companion for a warm evening on the porch. Imagine the magic that would happen if someone could marry the two flavors of merlot and blackberry. Well, Aldi imagined it and executed it, and now they've brought a fruity new wine to store shelves as an Aldi Find.

The product is called Fruity Haze Blackberry Merlot and Aldi describes it as "varietal wine with natural fruit aromas that perfectly complement the wine's flavor and make it a perfect summer cocktail." Beyond it sounding impeccable, Delish reports that it's only $3.99 for a 750 milliliter bottle (at most locations), so it's pretty low risk if you want to give it a try. One commenter on Aldi Made Me Do It's Instagram post revealed, "I enjoyed it, it reminded me of a wine spritzer, I had some Prosecco left over ... I added a little and it was sooooooo delicious." We're completely sold and salivating.

Other than tasting excellent, though, blackberry wines are also said have some health benefits — can it get any better? The dark color of blackberries are correlated with the presence of flavonoids, and flavonoids are special.

The benefits of blackberry merlot

Flavonoids don't just sound fancy — they have antioxidant attributes which help reduce the risk of cancer. Blackberry wine also contains nonflavonoids, which are thought to lower cholesterol and encourage healthy blood vessels. Apparently, this miracle compound can also fight obesity and reduce the risk of blood clots that cause strokes by 50 percent (via Vino Del Vida). On a low-carb diet? Some researchers have found that compounds in blackberry wine can aid in the absorption of carbohydrates, according to Everyday Health, and therefore "could be a tasty new key to treating type 2 diabetes." 

There's no such thing as too much of a good thing, right? Well, not in this case. We all know that drinking responsibly is important and moderation is key when it comes to alcohol, even when it might have some benefits. But those great potential benefits can reverse if you're drinking blackberry wine in excess. So, while Aldi's new delicious blackberry merlot is affordable and perfect for summer, be sure to be smart when you open up your bottle.

Just remember: Aldi Finds are here today, gone tomorrow, so stock up while you can.