You've Been Pouring Coffee Wrong Your Entire Life

Coffee enthusiasts know there are a lot of rules when it comes to making the best cup. Everything from how fresh the beans are to the quality of the water you use to make coffee is important (via Eating Well). Luckily, there are plenty of tips and tricks to making a better cup. However, one of the biggest mistakes people make with their morning ritual has to do with the mug in which they are enjoying their fresh cup of Joe.

While there are plenty of useful coffee hacks to know when making your pot for the morning, you might not know that you've been pouring coffee wrong your entire life. One simple change, which is an added step before pouring the coffee into your drinking vessel, can make it last longer (and haven't we all reheated our coffee a few too many times?). According to Buzzfeed, if you fill your coffee mug to the brim with boiling water, then let the water heat up the mug, and pour the hot water out, it will help keep your coffee much hotter for longer. So, no more warming up half a cup with a small pour of new coffee, or resorting to the microwave.

Other coffee hacks you need to know

Okay, so now you have a hotter cup of coffee. Rejoice! If you want to improve your daily coffee kick even more, consider the details. Easily upgrade your coffee by using better quality water. Many coffee enthusiasts use bottled spring water, or use a filter with activated charcoal to remove any impurities before brewing.

You can also try boosting your coffee's flavor profile by roasting your own coffee beans. Some suggest using a popcorn popper to do this. The popper will roast and heat the beans all the way through (via Home Grounds). Wait to grind the beans until right before you are about to make your morning brew.

Try using a French press, or give pour over coffee a go! It's not just a coffee maker that can help you realize your favorite part of the morning. No matter how you make your coffee, at least you'll have a hotter cup for longer with your new hot water trick!