This Trick For Spreading Cold Butter On Toast Changes Everything

At some point in time, almost everyone has tried to spread cold butter on warm toast. Even with the best attempt, chances are still high that raking cold butter across the top of the toast just tears through it. Even the sturdiest, thickest slices of toast don't stand up to rock-solid cold butter on the best of days. This widespread problem has sparked many ideas for solutions, but there's one easy trick that changes everything (via My Recipes).

Innovators have invented contraptions that spiralize butter onto toast like a long string of spaghetti. Did you know butter knives that heat themselves to warm butter for the perfect spreadability actually exist (via Food Hacks)? While we give props to whoever came up with these ideas and designed the functioning items, there's a much easier way to spread cold butter on toast. It doesn't even require microwaving your butter to soften it either, though you can clarify butter this way if you so choose.

How to easily spread cold butter on toast

The best trick to easily spread cold butter on toast is all about your grater. You can use a box grater or a single-plane grater, but whatever you use, it will shred through your butter just like it does a block of cheese. A cheese slicer will do too if you don't have a grater on hand. Instead of thin shreds, you'll get thin slices of no-longer-cold butter.

Using a grater or a cheese slicer to cut your cold butter will enable the thinner pieces of butter to melt onto your toast a lot more easily. Even if you still need to spread the butter around, it will not clump and rip holes in your bread. Indeed, the heat from the toast will soften the smaller pieces a lot faster than big pats of butter.

This trick also works wonders for baking. Whether you're making biscuits, pie crusts, or anything else that needs chunks of butter cut into it, grating the butter will do just the trick. Game changer? We told you so!