Great Foods To Eat For More Energy And Stamina

Tired of relying on coffee for your pick-me-up? Even if you're at peace with your caffeine habit, there are dozens of healthier options. Don't be anti-coffee — after all, a cup a day is good for your heart and helps you focus. But there are plenty of natural energy boosters to take the place of your java, which may even rival the effect of the cold press you've been guzzling all summer.


Honey is a powerhouse of health benefits. It doesn't just help wake you up — take a tablespoon to cure a sore throat, treat cuts to help them heal faster, or get rid of dandruff. But most importantly, honey has natural carbohydrates and sugars that give you a terrific boost. Try a piece of whole-wheat toast in the morning with peanut butter, honey, and banana, and you'll be up and at 'em right quick!


We all have that moment in the middle of the work day where we've lost all energy (and some motivation). Although watermelon is thought of as just a water-based food, snacking on some of this cubed miracle is a must due to it being so nutrient-dense. The water keeps you hydrated, and the melon itself is packed with B vitamins to give you a much-needed 1 PM jolt of energy.


Overnight oats are quite the fad, and with very good reason. Oats are a magical food, with slow burning fats to keep you going all day long, along with fiber and protein. Mix in some nuts or chia seeds to make it a complete meal. And if you need inspiration, try this amazingly yum recipe for chocolate-strawberry overnight oats.


This (commonly dried) fruit packs a punch of enough sugar to wake you up, but without the uncomfortable crash later. For such a tiny fruit, dates also contain an excellent amount of energy and fiber. The protein in dates is an added bonus that will help fill you up in the morning, making you less likely to stuff yourself into an early-morning bagel coma.

Green tea

Green tea may be the healthiest beverage on the planet. It goes without saying that this tea has caffeine, but it's also packed with antioxidants that are great for your body. While boosting your energy, this miracle drink is also known to increase overall performance, and even aid in weight loss. Not a tea drinker, you say? No problem! Just add some matcha powder to your baking and reap the benefits that way.


Anything with citrus gives you a terrific vitamin C boost, which helps wake up your cells and stay focused. But since no one wants to bite into a lemon unless it's on a dare, let's stick with a ripe, tasty orange. Grab and eat while on the go, for the days you're working on borrowed time and can't even afford to make it to the Keurig.


Eating a good piece of tuna is the equivalent to getting a B12 shot at the doctor. OK, this may be an exaggeration, but there's a very good reason tuna factors heavy in most pro athletes' diets. This fish is rich in iron and B12 and, when incorporated into your diet properly, can greatly improve your daily stamina and even cardiovascular health. The long-lasting energy from the B vitamins makes this fish the perfect meal.


Eggs are already a breakfast staple, and part of that is due to the high levels of energy it gives us. The high protein in an egg is most commonly used by those looking to build muscle, but it also aides in making sure you don't burn out at the gym. Try frying an egg and serving it with sliced avocado on whole-wheat toast. This will balance out your meal with both good carbohydrates and fats.


Polenta is a complex carbohydrate that helps keep you going. The base of the dish is cornmeal, giving it the ability to stretch out its energy bursts. If you're on a diet and cutting back on your portions, this is an excellent choice for lunch. Top it with some grilled chicken or shrimp to amp up your protein levels, keep your energy up, and leave your taste buds extremely satisfied.