The Truth About Ashley Graham's Favorite Drink

A sparkling fermented mushroom tea may not sound delicious, but that's exactly what kombucha is and people are nuts over the stuff. Model and body positivity advocate Ashley Graham is in the know about the healthy fungus drink and told the world via an Instagram story her thoughts.

She captioned an image of herself holding up a bottle of Health-Ade Kombucha in the pink lady apple flavor, writing, "Absolute favorite drink in the world right now. Health-Ade Kombucha, I love you so much." Graham wanted to make sure her fans knew she was endorsing the product not as a paid partnership, but because she is a true enthusiast. She added, "This is not an ad, just my fave," — a refreshing testimony to her 10.9 million followers. When you consider how many paid partnerships with celebrities there are out there, Graham's transparency is appreciated (via Yahoo!Life).

Ashley Graham has been drinking this kombucha for years

It turns out the model has been slurping down the beneficial fizz for awhile now. Graham told W Magazine that her favorite drink was Health-Ade back in 2017, so she's not joking when she says she's definitely a fan. So what makes this stuff so special anyway?

It seems as though kombucha — which is thought to have originated in China or Japan— is chock-full of potential health benefits. Firstly, it is said to contain loads of gut healing probiotics, thanks to the probiotics in a batch of kombucha (or "the buch" as some cool kids call it). It contains lactic-acid bacteria which may have some excellent health benefits like weight loss, reducing inflammation, and digestion. It's thought to also potentially reduce the risk of an array of cancers, risk of heart disease, and more (via Healthline).

Are all those benefits not enough for you? A study also found that drinking the buch reduces liver toxicity in the rodents by at least 70 percent. It's sounding like this stuff might actually be magic, right?

What Ashley Graham's favorite kombucha tastes like

Obviously there thought to be loads of health benefits from this delicious drink, and it's starting to make sense that Graham is a die-hard fan. Considering trying some for yourself? Its flavor might be a little different than you expect. It definitely won't remind you of tea, because after it's fermented it completely evolves into a slightly sweet, bubbly, acidic and tart (from the vinegar flavor element) drink. A lot of companies add in juices and flavorings to spice up the drink a bit, too (via The Kitchn).

As for Ashley Graham's all-time fave? The Health-Ade drink in her preferred flavor is described by the company as, "...the gateway kombucha, our Pink Lady Apple is a delicious brew flavored with cold-pressed juice from organic Pink Lady Apples. It's incredibly crisp and slightly sweet with a hint of cider making it truly nature's treat." The pink lady komucha contains "filtered water, kombucha culture (yeast and bacteria cultures), organic black tea, organic green tea, organic evaporated cane juice (sugar), fresh cold-pressed organic apple juice" and has 80 calories and 18 grams carbohydrates in a 16-ounce bottle.