Jack In The Box Secret Menu Items You Need To Order

Jack in the Box marketers love to play on the restaurant's name, touting their ability to "think outside the box" when it comes to introducing new and interesting foods to their diehard fans. Take, for instance, the Tiny Tacos they introduced in 2020 — a bite-sized take, similar to chicken nuggets, of one of their most popular (full-sized) menu items. 

And because of the restaurant's love of "thinking outside the box," they support and encourage customers to customize and personalize orders, too. Your wish is (more or less) their employee's command, allowing you to mix, match, and add pretty much anything on their menu to pretty much any other item. The result is a spectacular lineup of "secret menu" items that are really only encumbered by your own creativity or lack thereof. 

Some of the most popular secret menu items from Jack in the Box are included here, but if you come up with an idea of your own, be sure to share it with the hashtag #JackHacks. Jack in the Box marketers are on the lookout for creative and tasty ideas, and will often share the ingenuity of their customers to the official Jack in the Box social media pages. 

Revist Jack in the Box's bacon bacon cheeseburger

Once upon a time, the Bacon Bacon Cheeseburger was a regular menu item at Jack in the Box. Bacon lovers flocked to The Box, tantalized by the addition of bacon bits cooked into the burger meat before the whole thing was topped with slices of bacon, too. (Hence, the moniker Bacon Bacon.) While no longer an option on the regular menu you can still get it on the secret menu. All you have to do to enjoy this bacon-fest is to order a bacon cheeseburger and ask for the restaurant to add bacon bits to your patty before cooking it on the grill. 

You might get a confused look from whoever takes your order, but Jack in the Box management loves catering to special orders and menu "hacks," so you're unlikely to get any pushback, although you might have to pay a little extra for the additional bacon. But just as Wide Open Eats points out, this special order only works if your location has bacon bits on hand, ready to add to your meat. Without the bacon bits, you're really just ordering extra slices of bacon, which is similar, sure, but doesn't offer the cooked-in bacon flavor to your beef patty. 

Add sourdough bread to any Jack in the Box sandwich

One of the things that sets Jack in the Box apart from other fast-food restaurants is that some of its most popular, "feature" sandwiches, like the Sourdough Jack, come encased in two slices of toasty, buttery sourdough bread instead of a traditional hamburger bun. The secret menu item you may not know about is that you can ask to be served the special sourdough buns with any sandwich you order. For instance, if you want to switch out the standard bun on the Jumbo Jack or the Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger, there's nothing stopping you from making the special request. According to #HackTheMenu, you might get charged 50 cents to make the change, but if you ask nicely and get lucky, you might score the different bread for free.  

And really, this hack applies to all of Jack in the Box's breads, so if you want a traditional bun served with a Sourdough Jack (a bit of a weird choice, but whatever), you can always ask. 

Jack in the Box's (extra) loaded breakfast sandwich

Okay, to be fair, the Loaded Breakfast Sandwich is on the Jack in the Box regular menu, chock full of bacon, ham, sausage (that's three different types of meat if you weren't counting), eggs, and cheese, all served on a toasted sourdough bun. But if you think you need a breakfast that's a little bit more filling, feel free to load that thing up even further. Wide Open Eats points out that you can ask the employees to double up on the cheese or the meats of your choice, throw some sliced turkey into the mix, and even add veggies (you know, for some healthy "balance"). Wouldn't a slice of tomato or a few rings of onions give it a nice, fresh kick? 

If you really want to get crazy with this secret menu item, order a side of hashbrowns and ask for it to be added to the interior of the sandwich. This type of loaded breakfast would probably raise the eyebrows of a few dietitians (the original version clocks in at 707 calories and a whopping 47 grams of fat), but on the bright side, it's bound to keep you full for hours. At least, that's the hope. 

The Jack in the Box churro cheesecake

Alright, so cheesecake and fast food might seem like an odd mix, but if the existence of The Cheesecake Factory has taught us anything, it's that there are almost limitless ways to make a basic cheesecake taste even better. One brilliant idea to amp up your favorite Jack in the Box dessert is to order the cheesecake and the mini churros and then combine them into a... you guessed it... churro cheesecake. 

Just take the cinnamon-sugar dust from the churros and sprinkle it all over the top of your cheesecake, as demonstrated on the Jack in the Box Facebook page. And, in all seriousness, how is this not something the restaurant is already offering as a menu item? It's that brilliant. 

But that's not the only possibility. You can create other cheesecake delights with a little creativity. For instance, Wide Open Eats suggests ordering the cheesecake and asking for a side of bacon bits and maple syrup. When you have everything in hand, put the bacon bits on top of your cake before drizzling the whole thing with the syrup. It may not be a flavor combination that everyone would love, but for bacon lovers? It's the sweet-salty-savory combo that dreams are made of. 

Load up on extra meat or cheese

Meat and cheese lovers can rejoice. Jack in the Box, much like other popular fast-food restaurants like Shake Shack and In-N-Out, secret menus allow you to add almost as much meat and cheese as you could possibly consume to the sandwich of your choice. #HacktheMenu points out that these additions aren't free, noting that each slice of cheese costs 40 cents and each additional meat patty costs a cool $1.00, but if one or two patties or slices just aren't enough and you have the money in the bank, you shouldn't let such standard menu restrictions hold you back. Go ahead and load up your favorite menu item with three or four patties of chicken, fish, hamburger, or sausage (you know, if you're eating breakfast). And really, the same applies to bacon. Jack in the Box prides itself on all of its bacon-loaded sandwiches, but you can always ask for more bacon. How rockstar is that? 

Yes, you can have a chicken biscuit at Jack in the Box

Okay y'all, here's a borderline-genius secret menu hack officially suggested by Food Beast but tried (many times) by Jack in the Box fans like Tim Landry, who shared his favorite breakfast on Facebook. Just order a chicken biscuit sandwich. Or, if that results in a blank stare by the employee behind the counter, ask for a chicken patty plain, and a biscuit. While Jack in the Box offers many other breakfast sandwiches on the menu, they don't offer a standard chicken biscuit.

So when you order this "secret menu" item, what you receive is an insanely oversized chicken patty (you know, because it's designed for a much larger burger bun) that you can place between the layers of a delicious biscuit. This is a far-and-away larger chicken patty than you'll find at any other breakfast-serving fast-food restaurant, which makes it a pretty great deal. More than that, you can further customize your chicken biscuit sandwich by adding other toppings, like cheese, onions, or the sauce of your choice. Food Beast suggests trying jalapenos and ghost pepper sauce (if it's available) for an especially spicy morning pick-me-up. 

Order some churro pancakes at Jack in the Box

You've probably heard of chocolate chip pancakes, or blueberry pancakes, or, well... IHOP is a thing, so really, there are any number of dessert-level pancakes that are likely on your radar. But sometimes there's a dessert-for-breakfast pancake hack that's so insanely brilliant and original, that even the restaurant you're "hacking" jumps on board with your idea. 

That's exactly what happened after Food Beast's Peter Pham hacked the Jack in the Box menu and suggested trying churro pancakes — you know, just order Jack in the Box's mini pancakes (complete with maple syrup and butter), along with a serving of mini churros. Load your already-overly-sweet pancakes up with the mini churros and wait for the sugar magic to happen. Seriously, after Pham came up with this idea, Jack in the Box loved it so much that they posted the same secret menu idea to their own Instagram page with the tag #JackHacks. 

Ranch tacos (or mini tacos!) come to Jack in the Box

For anyone who has ever lived through a 1:00 am drunken Jack in the Box binge (clearly not this writer, ever...), the two tacos for 99 cents is by and far a fan (or college student) favorite. But why keep the standard tacos basic, right? In true Millenial (or Xennial, or Generation Z) fashion, consider customizing your tacos to make them even better. For instance, you can take those fried tortillas filled with delicious meat and seasonings and dip them in the sauce of your choice, like a side of ranch dressing. This is actually a "secret menu" idea suggested by Jack in the Box itself, and "liked" by at least 1,000 of Jack in the Box's most fervent Facebook fans. 

Of course, these fans couldn't be contained in their agreement, many of whom suggested opening up the tacos and pouring the ranch dressing inside (rather than dipping the taco in the ranch). Others suggested adding hot sauce or mixing hot sauce or taco sauce (or both!) with the ranch for an even more customized flavor. Then, there was Jack in the Box follower Miguel Alvarez, who suggested putting ranch dressing in the taco before putting the taco inside a chicken sandwich. Woah. So... yeah... tacos, ranch, hot sauce, and chicken sandwiches, if you so desire. Make those tacos yours. 

Make a Jack in the Box curly fry sandwich

Some people like adding potato chips to their sandwiches. Some people like adding french fries. And some people, like Instagram-user @aframe24, know that Jack in the Box's curly fries, which are practically the "Queen's Jewels" of possible sandwich toppings, are the way to go. In @aframe24's case, he added them to his chicken sandwich (a slight anomaly from putting them on a standard burger) and shared his delicious idea with the masses. 

Of course, he's probably not the first person to try such a Jack in the Box secret menu hack, and he's certainly not the last, considering that the restaurant scooped his image and shared it to their own social media pages. And of course, Jack in the Box fans responded with more brilliant ideas for similar hacks, like adding curly fries to tacos, or loading up the burger with extra patties and layering the curly fries between the patties with a squeeze of bacon mayo or ranch to really amp up the flavor. The takeaway? Your wish really is your command at Jack in the Box. If they have the menu items on hand, they'll serve it to you. 

Get your Jack in the Box burger "protein style"

For the low-carb obsessed, or for those who do their best to steer clear of gluten, ordering a burger "protein style" at Jack in the Box is definitely the way to go. Simply order this secret menu hack by asking for the burger of your choice to be wrapped in lettuce leaves rather than a bun. 

Facebook user Danny Benavidez posted his favorite burger — the Bacon Ultimate Cheeseburger with extra bacon and mayo — to his page as the perfect example of this Jack in the Box hack. And, as usual, his addition of extra bacon is a friendly reminder that you can always further personalize your order by adding different sauces or extra patties, too. Just keep in mind, even though this order customization is a way to reduce carbohydrates in your diet, with all that cheese, hamburger, and (in the case of Benavidez) bacon, it's still not exactly a "diet meal." And remember, if you need to avoid gluten due to a serious allergy or autoimmune disease, like Celiac Disease, there's no guarantee at restaurants like Jack in the Box that simply foregoing the bun ensures there hasn't been any cross-contamination with gluten in the kitchen. Your best bet is to always ask the restaurant if they have options for gluten-free meals before making any assumptions. 

Egg instantly makes your Jack in the Box bacon cheeseburger keto-friendly

Another genius trick for increasing protein intake and decreasing carbohydrates in your diet is to omit the buns on your burger at Jack in the Box and instead, ask for them to be replaced with eggs. Facebook user Tricia Liberato Fabinal provided the perfect example when she shared a picture of her customized Ultimate Bacon Cheeseburger on her Facebook page. In her case, she opted to add just a single egg (like one half of a burger bun) while leaving the rest of the order as-is. 

The beautiful thing about this secret menu hack is that Jack in the Box already serves up practically perfectly circular eggs on its breakfast sandwiches, and they're nicely firm, making them a good bread-alternative. You can opt for half an "egg bun," like Fabinal, or you can order two eggs, and use them exactly as you would a traditional bun — one on either side of your sandwich. According to Healthline, there are between 5 and 8 grams of protein per egg, depending on the size. Adding an egg (or two) to your burger order offers up another 5 to 15 grams of protein. 

Jack in the Box's loaded spicy nacho curly fries

Once upon a time, as evidenced by the Jack in the Box Facebook photo archives, the restaurant offered a delicious side — the spicy nacho seasoned curly fries. While this is no longer a regular menu item, there's quite literally no reason you can't order it as a secret menu item and ask for these bad-boys the next time you pull through the drive-thru. It's literally just an order of curly fries topped with jalapenos and cheese sauce (how good does that sound?!) — items the restaurant always has on hand. 

And while you're pondering the possibilities for further customization, consider the fact that Jack in the Box's tiny tacos can be ordered "loaded" with shredded lettuce, cheese sauce, and taco sauce. Go ahead and load up your curly fries in the same manner — just ask for taco sauce and lettuce, too. 

If you really want to get crazy with your sides, take a note out of Food Beast's #JackHacks and try the same order, but with jalapeno poppers in place of (or in addition to) your curly fries. Jalapeno poppers, curly fries, cheese sauce, jalapenos, taco sauce, and shredded lettuce? It's practically nachos on crack. You know you're dying to try it. 

Give your Jack in the Box tacos a Western kick

You know the "Western-style" burgers you can order at most restaurants — the ones that come loaded with onion rings and barbeque sauce (and usually fresh or sauteed onions and jalapenos, too)? Food Beast points out that a burger isn't the only thing you can eat "Western-style," and suggests turning Jack in the Box's two tacos into Western-style tacos. All you have to do is order the tacos with a side of onion rings and barbeque sauce "for dipping." Once you've received your order, open up your tacos and stuff the onion rings inside and slather the whole thing with the barbeque sauce. If you want to take things up a notch, also ask for a side of jalapenos and fresh onions, and keep on stuffing the original tacos to your heart's content. The one thing that might make the whole secret menu experience even better? Ordering four tacos instead of two.