Why Everyone Is Talking About The New Klondike Donuts

The sweet treat category of food is rife with mash-ups and hybrids that have brought us some of our favorite desserts, and Klondike is getting in on the action now. The latest addition to the Klondike flavors is Klondike Donuts. Your favorite breakfast treat is now represented in three flavors of ice cream (via PopSugar).

Klondike ice cream has brought us a wide collection of icy cold treats — all shaped in a square — since the early 1900s (via Klondike). While the original is a square of vanilla ice cream with a thin chocolate shell around it, other flavors of bars have teamed up with other treats like Heath candy bars, Oreo cookies, and even Reese's. We've also seen Klondike ice cream sandwiches, the classic Choco Taco, and now their newest product, Donuts (via Klondike).

Just like Klondike's ice cream sandwiches, the new Klondike Donuts come in three flavors, which means you might have a hard time choosing a new favorite.

What you need to know about Klondike Donuts

The three flavors of Klondike Donuts include Triple Chocolate, Boston Cream, and Frosted Strawberry. The Klondike ice cream treats inspired by classic donut flavors even have a hole in the middle of the square. Just in case you get lost in the deliciousness and lose sight of which treat you're eating (ice cream or a donut), the hole is a nice added touch to the design. 

Each type of donut bar is filled with its own flavor of ice cream — chocolate, vanilla cream, or strawberry. It also gets a flavor-specific drizzle on top of the chocolate coat, just like glaze on a donut. Not to mention, the Frosted Strawberry flavor also features sprinkles on top. 

We know choosing between these flavors is tricky, but at around $3 per container of six ice cream donut bars, you can pick up a pack of each. That also means you'll have enough of each to enjoy them for a couple of weeks before picking up more of your favorite flavor (via Delish).