This Viral Tweet Outlines The Wrong Way To Cut A Bagel

Out of all the arguments surrounding the right way to prepare and eat bagels (Should they be toasted? Do you bite into them like a sandwich or eat one half at a time? How much cream cheese is actually in a schmear?), we never could have imagined coming across this one. Recently, Twitter users have been riled up about the controversial way one woman's husband slices his bagel.

User Shira Gold (@shiragold) sent out a tweet complaining about her husband's method for preparing the breakfast food, according to Today. In her tweet, Gold joked, "I never understood all the fuss around interfaith marriage. Then I watched my non-Jewish husband cut a bagel like this, and honestly, I get it now." 

The tweet shows an image of a bagel being cut into thin rounds rather than down the middle as it usually is, and received more than 167,000 likes and over 4,000 comments, with users weighing in on both sides of the debate. While many reacted with shock and horror, some cream cheese fans proclaimed their morning breakfast routine revolutionized. Others requested more information from Gold to clarify the reason behind this inventive slicing technique, asking if he was planning on making bagel chips or had some other less obvious plan for which these rounds made more sense. 

Gold responded with exasperation at her husband's morning antics, letting Twitter know that he was not in fact doing something expected with his oddly sliced bagel, but instead making the "World's Worst Eggs Benedict."

This is not the first time bagel slicing techniques have made headlines

When speaking with Today, Gold's husband defended his slicing method, stating that he feels this cut allows him to get the right amount of bagel under each poached egg to sop up the yolk. His wife disagreed, saying that she did give the dish a chance, but found that the "carb to yolk ratio is way off."

This is not the first time a radical bagel slicing method has caused a stir online. In March of 2019, Delish reported on another tweet that went viral, this one sharing the "St. Louis bagel" method of slicing. The photo included with the tweet shows two boxes of bagels sliced vertically, like a loaf of bread, with user Alek Krautmann proclaiming the introduction of this new way of slicing to be "a hit!" While Delish was quick to condemn the technique as criminal, Serious Eats declared it to be a total game-changer, especially when the bagel is going to be used as a base for other dishes, as opposed to eaten on its own.