Here's Why You Should Never Order Orange Juice At Breakfast

Unless it's after noon, or there's champagne or vodka present, please step away from the OJ. The truth is finally out, and it's backed up by science: Orange juice for breakfast is just gross. According to My Recipes, sodium lauryl sulfates in our toothpaste, or SLS for short, are thought to be responsible for orange juice tasting "somewhere between sauerkraut and battery acid" in the morning (or at least for an hour after brushing). SLS foam and bubble to make your toothpaste effective, but, throw a little fresh-squeezed OJ in the mix, and anarchy ensues. Scientists aren't exactly sure why, but with a mouth coated in vomit-flavored juice at stake, do you really need to know? Just don't do it. 

What's more, something called "flavor packs" are lurking in that carton of commercially-produced juice, according to Gizmodo. Flavor packs are artificial ingredients added to orange juice to ensure that your juice tastes like oranges, and that the flavor is consistent across the brand. Add that to an already hostile environment in our minty-fresh mouths, and it doesn't sound like a great way to start your morning.

Is too much orange juice even a good idea?

How much orange juice should you really be drinking every day, anyway? It's loaded with sugar and calories, which can sabotage your waistline, not to mention, it totally pirates your tooth enamel. Sure, orange juice is high in vitamin C. But so is, oh, literally a dozen other fruits and vegetables, according to WebMD. Strawberries, broccoli, cantaloupe — the list goes on. Perhaps you've been bamboozled into your seat on the orange juice train? Whether it's those red color theory-driven mesh bags or the world (aka, your mom) making you believe OJ can fight off disease, there's a lot of orange juice hype out there. Just remember, moderation is key. And in this case, "moderation" includes never touching a glass of the stuff within an hour of brushing your teeth. Consider it the witching hour, when SLS are still performing black magic on your taste buds.

Other beverages might be a better choice for breakfast

Don't get us wrong, we're not out to get the citrus farmers of America. There are plenty of other interesting and tasty uses for orange juice, and moderate consumption once you've satisfied the witching hour waiting period is just fine. But according to Delish, you should definitely consider inviting OJ into your savory cooking. A make-your-own-takeout situation involving orange chicken is completely delicious and possibly orange juice's best version of itself. 

If you're still in search of a breakfast beverage to quench your thirst, though, maybe opt for something sensible that won't make your mouth taste like sauerkraut and battery acid. The aforementioned vodka and champagne certainly grease the wheels of orange juice activity, but at the end of the day those SLS are still there. May we suggest herbal tea, coffee, or how about the girl who gets along with everybody (including your toothpaste): water?