The Unique Pizza Topping You've Been Missing Your Whole Life

One in eight people eat pizza every day. According to The Washington Post, 40 percent of Americans eat pizza at least once per week. Many Americans find pizza to be irresistible, with studies showing that it could, in fact, have addictive properties (via Thrillist). Why do we love it so? Because we're naturally drawn to foods that are rich, fatty, sweet, and complex. Enter pizza, with its gooey cheese, savory and spicy meats, crunchy, carb-packed crust, and sweet, delicious tomato sauce. Who could resist?

Pepperoni is still America's favorite pizza topping, according to The Daily Meal. But, as you know, pizza tastes great topped with just about anything. Other topping favorites include bacon, mushrooms, and sausage, according to YouGov. Meanwhile, some of the most hated pizza toppings are anchovies, olives, pineapple, corn, and broccoli.

No matter how many pizza toppings you've tried, there's one you've probably overlooked. One that offers a surprisingly satisfying addition to that rich, decadent slice.

Pickles work on more than just cheeseburgers

The combination of pickles and pizza makes perfect sense. Consider the famous advice given to cooks everywhere by chef Samin Nosrat. She says that salt, fat, acid, and heat are the fundamental elements to good food (via NPR). Pickles bring the all-important element of acid to a slice of pizza, helping to cut through that rich cheese and meat. Think about the sandwiches that you use pickles on, and it becomes easier to imagine them on pizza. Plus, people are already topping pizza with salty and briny things such as banana peppers and olives (via The Daily Meal).

Besides, Americans love pickles almost as much as they love pizza. The average American eats 8.5 pounds of pickles each year, according to the Department of Agriculture (via Mental Floss). Of course, you may not find pickles on the topping list at your local pizzeria, but you probably have pickles in your fridge. Next time you order delivery, try a few pickle slices on your pizza and prepare to have your mind blown.