The Real Reason People Put Peanuts In Coke

If you've never heard of people pouring salted peanuts into a bottle of Coca-Cola, then you are most likely not from the South. To be more exact, you're probably not from the rural South, which is where this snack is really found (even those who live in urban areas of the region are not too familiar with it). But, once you have been introduced to the unusual combination and try it, it makes some sense.

Sure, it might sound like a choking hazard, but the combination of crunchy, salty peanuts and fizzy, sweet Coke is a pretty balanced pairing. While you may think the peanuts would turn soggy in the bubbly soda, think again. The peanuts keep their texture, and it proves to be a delicious snack for many. Some even call the combo the working man's strawberries and champagne (via Esquire). It is, however, important that you pick up real Coke and not Diet Coke. The real sugar makes a big difference.

How this Southern comfort food began

If you're really not sold on the idea and are wondering why anyone would bother doing this, then understanding how this comfort food began might help bring it into focus. Some believe this was something of an early type of fast food in the 1920s. People could get both from country stores and combine them this way to enjoy a treat on the go (via So Yummy).

If you're still wondering why you would just eat the two separately, well, there's an answer for that too. Again, this was a working man's go-to snack, and in the rural South, work often revolved around agriculture. When work was over, many people did not have a place to wash up, so pouring the peanuts directly into the Coke eliminated the need to wash up before snacking.

Drinking Coke while you chew on salty peanuts can certainly seem like a stretch as the perfect snack today. But if this is something you'd like to try, bottoms up! If not, well hey, to each their own choice of snack.