Kit Kat's New All-American Flavor Has Everyone Talking

Kit Kat is known for trying out inventive, fun flavors in their Japanese market. The New York Times explains that starting around 2000, Nestlé Japan (the company that makes Japanese Kit Kats) began experimenting with flavors and packaging to increase sales. Their first foray into new flavors, the Strawberry Kit Kat, was a huge hit and encouraged the company to continue to test out more and more niche styles. They state that since the Strawberry Kit Kat, Nestlé Japan has released nearly 400 different flavors, some of which are only available in certain regions and considered super-exclusive by Kit Kat fans.

Recently, Kit Kat has started to bring some of that experimental energy over to the American market to see if the unique flavors will be as popular here as they are in Japan. Delish reports that the newest flavor announced for 2020, joining seasonal releases like Lemon and Birthday Cake, will be Apple Pie. Kit Kat describes the product as their "iconic wafer surrounded in the delicious taste of Apple Pie."

Apple Pie Kit Kats will only be available for a limited time

Matcha states that the Apple Pie Kit Kat was first released in Japan for Halloween in 2019 and part of the "Adult Sweetness" range, which is supposed to be less sweet than traditional Kit Kats and more suited toward adult palates. The Japanese version of the Apple Pie flavor was immensely popular and came in an unexpected purple hue that served as a fun Halloween surprise.

The U.S. version of the treat, according to Nerdist, will be covered in white creme and should be available in stores everywhere beginning in July 2020, just in time to celebrate America's Independence Day. While the product is stated to only be around for a limited time, no end date has been announced yet. Instagram snack reviewer @JunkFoodLeaks_ tried the product and said that they appreciate that these sweets are not as artificial tasting as most other apple pie flavored foods. They describe the Apple Pie Kit Kat as crunchy, with an authentic apple cinnamon taste. 

We just hope the flavor sticks around through the fall, so we can snack on them while planning apple picking trips with our friends.