The Mean Girls Containers From Aldi People Can't Stop Talking About

Forever relevant, 2004 film Mean Girls has some serious cultural cache. Endlessly quotable and relatable across generations (The New Yorker even goes as far as to compare it to Casablanca) it's no wonder we still see references to the movie today everywhere from bootleg t-shirts to bottles of wine to straight-up official Broadway adaptations. There is even an unofficial Mean Girls Day, October 3rd, which fans celebrate with movie screenings, meals of cheese fries, and copious amounts of pink (via CNN). The date was chosen after a line from the movie in which love interest Aaron Samuels asks main character Cady Heron for the date in class, to which eagerly she replies "It's October 3rd."

Recently, discount grocery chain Aldi got in on the Mean Girls action, expressing their love for the Tina Fey-written classic through some more subtle branding. True devotees of the film immediately spotted the products as soon as they hit Aldi shelves, turning to social media to share their excitement with one another.

These Aldi containers are totally grool

Eagle-eyed Instagram user and promoter of all things Aldi, @Aldi.mademedoit, shared a photo of some reusable containers the company is now selling. In the caption, the account declared Mean Girls to be their favorite movie of all time and asked if there are any fellow Aldi fans who feel the same. The containers come emblazoned with the phrases "On Sundays, WE MEAL PREP" and "Is like, butter a carb?" — both references to infamous lines delivered to newcomer Cady by the film's cool girl gang The Plastics during two different lunchroom scenes.

Delish reports that the stackable glass vessels are sold together in a two-pack; are freezer, microwave, dishwasher, and oven safe; and can hold up to three cups of food each. We can already tell these must-have accessories are going to sell out quick, so be sure to grab a pack (or four) to cleverly showcase your leftovers. 

And if you, like Mean Girls Queen Bee Regina George, are wondering, no, Delish answers, butter is not a carb.