How To Order The Starbucks' Secret Firecracker Drink

Unfortunately for those of us who wish to feel like a spy by walking up to a Starbucks counter, saying the secret codeword, and being rewarded with a delicious drink that's not on any printed menu, secret menu items are a lot more like ordering food if you're on a very limited diet or have lots of allergies. Basically, secret menu items are so named because the baristas have often never heard of them. Despite having a dedicated following (and a fan-made website with over 200 recipes), you essentially have to give the barista the full recipe for your secret menu item every time you order it, instead of just uttering what you think the drink is called.

For this reason, Delish recommends that you submit this kind of order via the Starbucks mobile app to give the barista some time to execute this specialty drink (and as a bonus you'll ensure social distancing and avoid any pressure from people standing behind you in line grumbling while you list out the drink's various specifications). But what is this so-called firecracker drink, and how do you order it?

The firecracker drink secret recipe

This recipe originated from TotallyTheBomb (which is a great source for secret menu items) and it's a cool, refreshing drink that's also beautiful to look at. It has caffeine — but no coffee — and it's perfect for cooling off from the summer heat. 

To order this Instagrammable treat, start by ordering a Venti Mango Dragonfruit Lemonade refresher, and be sure to select (or ask for) "no inclusions," which (for those of us who aren't fluent in Starbucks) translates to no dragonfruit pulp in the drink. 

Then, according to TotallyTheBomb, you want your barista to add one pump of raspberry syrup, shake that up with some ice, and top it off with a little Passion Tea. Make sure to specify that the Passion Tea goes over the ice, because that's what will create the ombre effect. But, if they mess it up, you don't have to worry, it'll still taste great. Then you just take a picture and enjoy!