The Real Reason You Should Add Orange Juice To Your Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled eggs and orange juice go together like... well, scrambled eggs and bacon, or scrambled eggs and toast. And some piping hot coffee, too, please. The picture of a perfect breakfast absolutely must include a clear glass filled with gleaming orange liquid and a plate piled high with steaming hot yellow fluffiness. But what about orange juice in your scrambled eggs? Wait, what? You might need to take a sip of your coffee to comprehend this, but orange juice is the secret ingredient to the very best scrambled eggs.

You might think to yourself that you like your eggs just fine, thankyouverymuch, without them tasting like someone accidentally spilled some Tropicana in the skillet. But if you think adding orange juice to scrambled eggs is a mistake, you are mistaken. If done correctly, you won't even taste the flavor of orange juice in your scrambled eggs (via The Kitchy Kitchen). Instead, you'll notice just a hint of sweetness and brightness to your eggs — kind of way you don't notice a back-up singer, but her subtle tones make the soprano who's got her eyes closed as she belts a high note into the mic sound so much more soulful. 

How to add orange juice to your scrambled eggs

This cooking hack has inspired lots of recipes, but if you just want to brighten up your morning scramble, a good ratio is 2 tablespoons of orange juice per five eggs (via First for Women). These aren't the only ingredients you should be beating in your bowl, though — you must add something salty, whether that's table salt, sea salt, or a dash of soy sauce or tamari. Otherwise, the sweetness of your OJ will overtake your eggs, and we don't want that. We want a nice harmony of salty, savory, and a teensy bit sweet, to make those eggs feel oh-so-right in your mouth as you take a bite and chew on a little buttered toast. 

There's one additional advantage to adding orange juice to your eggs — it will make your plate look more Instagrammable. If your eggs look a little pale or gray, which can happen when you get creative with the other spices and flavors you throw in, the splash of orange juice will revive the color, noted a scrambled egg enthusiast on Reddit.