The New Lucky Charms Cereal Has People Talking

General Mills-owned brand Lucky Charms recently released an all-new version of their popular breakfast cereal that looks like a pot of gold in every bowl. According to Foodsided, the most recent addition to the Lucky Charms family, Lucky Charms Honey Clovers, features yellow-hued corn-based cereal pieces that are flavored with real honey and shaped like clovers. 

Images of the cereal first began to circulate in March 2020, when Instagram user @cereallife shared a photograph of one possible box design with the caption "Lucky Charms Honey Clovers are coming!" This news immediately got people excited, but came without much information about a release date or any real details about the fun new breakfast food.

To the delight of cereal fans everywhere, Delish now reports that the sweet breakfast treat has finally begun to appear on grocery store shelves, with popular snack food Instagram account @CandyHunting saying they spotted boxes of the Lucky Charms Honey Clovers at their local Walmart.

The reviews are in for the new Lucky Charms

The Impulsive Buy reviewed the Lucky Charms Honey Clovers and found themselves pretty impressed with the new honey-flavored breakfast cereal, which they describe as more complex than they initially imagined and rated a seven out of 10. On first taste, they tried the cereal dry and stated that they found the flavor to be a little disappointing, lacking as intense a honey flavor as they had expected. They said that, without milk, the pieces don't taste all that different from the original Lucky Charms cereal.

However, when they added milk to the new Honey Clovers, The Impulsive Buy was totally wowed by the mix of sugary sweet marshmallows and subtle honey-flavored corn clovers combined. The reviewer even went as far as to state that they think the Lucky Charms Honey Clovers have a better and more balanced taste than original Lucky Charms! Once they got over their initial surprise that the honey flavor was not going to be as strong as they had originally thought, they were able to really appreciate the depth and complexity this new cereal has to offer.