How To Get Free Unlimited Coffee At Panera All Summer

It may not be too difficult to find free coffee — but chances are you'd be drinking mud-colored water, or something so strong you might be able to use to clean a dirty oven with it. Free good coffee is another story. For that, Panera is hoping you'll head over to their site on, or before July 4th to sign up for a free monthly coffee subscription, where your reward will be free coffee all summer. That's right — every day between now to September you get to drink good coffee, and you don't have to pay for it.

The campaign kicked off earlier this week when Panera went on Twitter, where all the action seems to be these days, to ask America if it would be interested in free coffee. And they weren't just talking about the regular hot brewed stuff. They were talking about iced coffees and teas, too. Any size, any flavor, once every two hours and unlimited refills when you dine in. They asked for half a million votes, and when they had the numbers, the free coffee plan was a go (via People). 

Panera's offer comes with a catch

As with everything, there is a small (but significant) catch. Panera's terms and conditions make it clear about which coffees they are talking about, because the promotion doesn't include cold brew coffees, espresso, and cappuccino beverages, and the deal isn't available through third party delivery (we're looking at you, Uber Eats). 

But if you like your java straight up and simple, the summer coffee deal could be for you. Once Labor Day comes around, the promotion comes to an end, and Panera will be charging you $8.99 to stay in love with its monthly coffee subscription. Depending on how much coffee you drink, that may not sound like a deal you'd buy into — but if you're the type of person who needs coffee as much as a fish needs water, staying on the club could mean paying just 30 cents for every cup of Panera coffee you drink. It may be a bit more than "free" but for now, free coffee on Panera!