The Truth About Richard Blais' Wife

When asked in a Food Network Q&A who his favorite person to cook with is, Richard Blais says, "My wife and kids."  This popular cook is known to many from his time as a contestant on Top Chef, as well as winning Top Chef All-Stars. He is the founder of culinary design group Trail Blais which has helped launch multiple successful eateries, including well-known establishments in Atlanta. More recently, Blais launched a podcast titled Starving for Attention with his wife Jazmin Blais. Her Instagram profile shares not only her podcasting-cohost responsibilities but also lists her as partner in "Trail Blais/Second Breakfast Prod."

Blais' wife is described as a competition junkie and a former personal trainer (via CNN). Blais credits her for helping him make significant health changes including his 60-pound weight loss. "What kick-started my weight loss was a combination of a really joyous thing and some massive depression: I lost a restaurant, and I found the love of my life — my wife," he said. The two started running together and she kept him motivated. Now, 14 years later, the two are still a team.

14 years and they'd do it all again

Says a happy Mrs. Blais on Instagram, "14 Y E A R S, 3 STATES, 2 KIDS,15 RESTAURANTS, 3 DOGS, 10 CARS, 2 RECESSIONS, 1 PANDEMIC QUARANTINE ...and we'd do it all again, even the #quarantine. Happy Anniversary @richardblais!" 

Married on April 8, 2006, the two clearly adore each other (via IMDb). For her birthday in May, Blais shared an adorable TikTok of his wife spontaneously dancing. "I love you for SO MANY reasons, but one of those is because without warning I can turn on the camera and this song and you will hop right into it... and then casually move about... love you forever and always," he wrote (via Instagram). While together for over a decade, celebrating the ups and downs of celebrity, and parenting daughters Riley and Emory, the two haven't let it affect their sense of humor. In yet another birthday post to his wife (in 2019) Blais joked, "You've hit an amazing milestone today! You're at the age where you order a 2/3rds decaf soy cappuccino" (via Instagram). 

Without a doubt, the truth about Richard Blais and wife Jazmin will make you smile.