The Real Difference Between White Claw And Truly Hard Seltzers

Over the past few years, hard seltzers have taken their place in the sun as the drink of summer. And while the market for these sparkling adult beverages is constantly growing, according to The Drinks Business, the two biggest names in the game are White Claw and Truly.

To find out the difference between the nations' best selling hard seltzers, let's take a deep dive into the back story behind each. White Claw is owned by Mark Anthony Brands, the same company that owns old school malt beverage Mike's Hard Lemonade. On the other hand, Truly is owned by Boston Beer, whose other offerings include Twisted Tea and Angry Orchard Cider.

Both brands feature several fruit flavors, and there is a lot of crossover. White Claw and Truly have their own takes on black cherry, mango, lemon, and lime. Truly boasts more variety with combos such as blueberry açaí, watermelon kiwi, and a newly-introduced line of lemonade-inspired cans. On the other hand, White Claw keeps its lineup short and sweet, rounding out its roster of fruity beverages with Pure, an unflavored option that's made to mimic the simplicity of a vodka soda.

Other differences between White Claw and Truly

When it comes to alcohol content, White Claw and Truly are on a level playing field, both clocking in at 5 percent ABV. For a point of reference, this means they're basically as boozy as a Budweiser.

Flavors aside, the biggest difference between the most popular brands of hard seltzer is in the nutritional profiles. Both boast a relatively low caloric content — classic White Claw and Truly flavors both clock in at 100 calories and two grams of carbs. However, Business Insider reports that the real difference is Truly's slight edge with one gram of sugar versus White Claw's two.

Of course, those who subscribe to the "Ain't no laws when you're drinking Claws" policy will be happy to know that White Claw has recently rolled out 70, a lower calorie and carb product that the nutritionists at Prevention are loving. The newest addition to the White Claw family comes in pineapple and clementine flavors, with zero carbs or sugar.