You Shouldn't Order Margaritas At A Mexican Restaurant. Here's Why

Americans love Mexican food ⁠— whether it's our beloved burritos, tasty tacos, or crunchy chips and salsa ⁠— we can't seem to get enough. According to ABC News, there are more Mexican restaurants in the U.S. than Chinese eateries, Italian kitchens, and seafood establishments. However, there are some items you may want to stay away from, like margaritas. These fruity concoctions may not be what you think.

Enjoying a frozen margarita while out with friends at a restaurant can add up to 500 calories, according to Self. Chef Firoz Thanawalla of Chef's Satchel said margaritas are also often made with a drink mix that is packed with sugar. "I wouldn't order a margarita," he told Insider. "It's basically a glass full of sugar with some alcohol, which ultimately is not just a waste of calories, but will fill you up even before you've had your Mexican food fix." If you want an authentic Mexican beverage with less calories, to try a Paloma cocktail — made with tequila and grapefruit-flavored soda.

Margaritas can also make you sick

Besides being unhealthy, margaritas also come at a premium price. Cheat Sheet explains most Mexican restaurants often sell their popular cocktails at a high margin. If that isn't enough to scare you away, you can also get sick from drinking margaritas. Most of these drinks come with ice, which has been linked to food poisoning cases. In 2015, there was an outbreak of norovirus in Taiwan that originated from contaminated ice cubes, and a University of Nevada study found there was bacteria present in ice from multiple Las Vegas restaurants.

Oftentimes margaritas are also served with a lime and while it makes for a pretty photo, food scientists explain they can make you ill (via The Conversation). Fruit garnishes can easily become contaminated with bacteria from a knife, or cutting board. Instead of a margarita, perhaps a Mexican beer or a shot of tequila will become your go-to drink the next time you dine on Mexican food.