The Truth About McDonald's $1 Vanilla Cone

McDonald's $1 vanilla cones made a splash across North America last summer and this summer here's hoping we'll be in for the same sweet, budget-friendly treat (Kids Activities and The Washington Post). If you're wondering if it's worth a trip to your favorite Golden Arches to get one, Reddit has spoken. The two main takeaways? McDonald's $1 cones are so good, that even dogs go crazy for them. And unfortunately, you'll be lucky if you get your hands on one, because the machines often fail (via Reddit). 

But, McDonald's vanilla cones are not only budget-friendly, at only 200 calories and 5 grams of fat, they're easy on the waistline, too (via McDonald's). Besides, if rumors are to be believed, you may even be enjoying your McDonald's ice cream from new, high tech Kytch ice cream machines. Kytch is no joke. It will send employees real-time data and analytics to help make sure your McDonald's machine never breaks down. Not only this, but it might also make McDonald's go a little greener by powering up and down according to McDonald's busiest times, all by itself (via Kytch). 

Are $1 cones really just myths?

Meanwhile, according to Wide Open Eats, McDonald's said in a statement in late 2019, "Local markets and owner/operators will have the opportunity to offer delicious food and beverages at a compelling value on the $1 $2 $3 Dollar Menu, while also meeting the tastes and preferences of their local customers." What does that mean? If your local McDonald's doesn't think your neighborhood is ice cream-obsessed enough to merit a $1 cone, you can always drive across town (or across state lines) and check at another one. Or, just cross the border into Canada where $1 dollar cones are standard-issue all summer long (via Narcity).

The only $1 menu item that is standard at all McDonald's restaurants is a soft drink (via Eat This Not That!). It's worth looking for local promotions that may include a $1 vanilla cone. Again, here's hoping we can still score a new, possibly high-tech sweet treat for an old-fashioned price!