The Real Reason The Big Boy Restaurant Mascot Was Replaced

Say it ain't so! America's iconic, checkered-overall-wearing restaurant buddy Big Boy is being replaced by a girl named Dolly (via Food & Wine). Is nothing sacred anymore? A full seven out of 10 people know who Big Boy is when they hear his name. Dolly, on the other hand, is a character from the Big Boy comics that many people don't know. She dates back to the 1950's and is one of Big Boy's oldest friends, often interviewing famous stars such as Britney Spears (via WXYZ Detroit).

Apparently, Dolly was introduced on National Chicken Sandwich Day to promote a new chicken sandwich. If you've already guessed that Big Boy's, er, Dolly's, new chicken sandwich is suspiciously similar to Popeyes chicken sandwich, you're right. The Dolly chicken sandwich is a five-ounce fried chicken breast topped with pickles, and Big Boy tartar sauce on a grilled brioche bun (via Fox Business).

Will the Big Boy logo and outdoor statues change?

While many fans of Big Boy have voiced disappointment over the mascot change on Big Boy's Facebook page, the change is more than likely temporary (remember IHOB?). Dolly is being brought into the spotlight for the chicken sandwich promotion, according to Big Boy's director of training Frank Alessandrini. He says, "Big Boy has not gone anywhere, his statue is still in front of all of our restaurants and will remain there" (via Today). So where exactly has the mascot been replaced?

Company logos and social media icons have temporarily been changed to reflect Dolly instead of Big Boy holding a double cheeseburger. To help with some of the questions and confusion, the company launched to answer questions about who Dolly is and where Big Boy has gone. The site also distributed coupons and gift card prizes to those who registered via email before the sandwich launch (via QSR).