The Real Difference Between Mountain Dew And Mountain Dew Throwback

Millennials grew up drinking Mountain Dew. There was nothing like enjoying the citrus-flavored soda while watching a movie or hanging out with friends. Today, there's more flavors than ever to choose from. According to their site they carry Mountain Dew Lemon Lime, Mountain Dew Live Wire, Mango Lime Mountain Dew Kickstart, and Mountain Dew Code Red — just to name a few. 

However, what you may not know is that the sugary drink has been banned in other countries. According to Insider, it's been prohibited from being sold in Japan, Europe and 100 other countries. It has been argued that the soda contains the same chemicals that stop carpets from going up in flames. The chemical is a flame retardant that can cause reproductive and behavioral problems. But there's been contention over these claims. Christopher Reddy, a scientist who studied brominated flame retardants and other brominated compounds, told USA Today the issue is more nuanced.

How Mountain Dew Throwback is different

"To lump all brominated flame retardants as one single entity about how it may interact with humans and the environment is not accurate," Reddy said. The common brominated flame retardants that are used are a different variant than those used in food, Reddy explained. However, just to be sure Mountain Dew confirmed it had removed BVO — a patented flame retardant for plastic — as an ingredient in Mountain Dew. 

However, if you still can't get enough of the Dew, there is a seemingly healthier choice. Mountain Dew Throwback uses real sugar instead of corn syrup, though some experts claim it makes little difference (via Star Tribune). According to one taste tester (via Columbus Monthly), Throwback is the better Mountain Dew flavor, making for a cleaner, tastier drink. Sounds like a win-win! The drink was originally just brought back for a limited time, but because it became so popular the company has now brought it back permanently. So even though it may not be considered a health food, you'll know you're consuming a more natural substance than corn syrup.