Why You Should Never Buy Milk At Sam's Club

Frugal shoppers often turn to big box stores like Sam's Club for savings on bulk items. Occasionally those savings are pretty deceptive on some items, though. Dairy products like cheese and yogurt are generally not a good thing to buy in bulk because they can spoil too quickly, and milk is definitely another that falls into this category (via Cheat Sheet).

Even if milk is a standard staple, you really have to drink a lot of it in order to use it all before it spoils. That means you need to think about meals that call for milk like breakfast cereal, pasta such as macaroni and cheese, and baked goods, too. If you have a large family, then buying bulk might work well for you. But, smaller families or those that don't use milk frequently might lose out on the deal by tossing spoiled milk in the end.

Bulk milk isn't actually cheaper either

It's also worth noting that buying milk in bulk from Sam's Club isn't exactly a steal either. Most of the time, it is actually cheaper to buy milk from your local grocery store, especially if you can use a coupon or get other savings from the store. According to Southern Savers, milk from Sam's Club typically costs around $3.32 per gallon. At your local grocery store with a coupon, you can usually get a gallon for around $3.19.

In other words, if frugality is really the driving force behind your shopping habits, then you will save more by buying from a traditional grocery store like Kroger, Publix, or whatever local store you normally visit with a rewards program. If buying milk in bulk will provide you with the amount you need at a price you don't mind paying, then it will become more of a convenience item. Because buying milk while shopping for other large-quantity items will also save you from driving to another store.

So, consider what works best for you and understand your options better when grocery shopping.