Starbucks' Frosted Lemonade Is The Secret Menu Drink You Need This Summer

For some, summer doesn't really start until they have sipped a sweet and tart lemonade. Thanks to this new secret menu hack at Starbucks, you'll be sipping on a delicious frosty lemonade before you know it. While the coffee chain does have a Blended Strawberry Lemonade available, this hack from secret menu masters, Totally the Bomb, might even top the existing menu item (via Starbucks). 

The team's latest concoction is a Frosted Lemonade, and it's the perfect solution to those sweltering days of summer. But if a regular lemonade won't cut it for you, then this drink is pretty customizable. We love some of the ideas Delish suggests, like adding raspberry syrup or using Starbucks' Iced Peach Green Tea Lemonade to make a frosted drink. So once you know the basics of what and how to order this twist on a summer classic, you can try tons of different combinations. The best part is that this drink is one of the more simple orders on the secret menu.

What to tell your Starbucks barista

When you visit your local Starbucks, start your order with a grande lemonade. If you prefer to start with a green tea lemonade or any other version of lemonade at Starbucks, then simply order that instead of a plain lemonade. Next, add light coconut milk and two pumps of liquid cane syrup. If you want to try another flavor like raspberry, pineapple ginger, or a juice like peach or guava, this is where you'll need to ask for it to be added. Finally, ask for the whole thing to be double blended.

What you will get is a perfectly icy slush of lemonade. Luckily this recipe is easy to scale up if you want a larger size. All you have to do is add an extra pump or two of syrup and light coconut milk for even more of a good thing. Stop by your local Starbucks soon to enjoy this drink as much as you can this summer.