Costco Lemons Are The Bulk Produce Buy You've Been Missing. Here's Why

We remember what we've said in the past: That of all the items to buy in bulk at Costco, there are just some things you are best staying away from, like produce. But, there are always exceptions to any rule, and in this case, the exception is Costco's 5-pound bag of lemons, which retails for around $6 (via The Kitchn).

Unlike just about every fruit and vegetable out there, lemons can keep for a long time. While most folks tend to leave lemons on a kitchen countertop, this fresh-smelling citrus fruit is actually better off someplace else — like in the refrigerator, particularly if you have no plans to use up your lemon stash in a week, which is how long the fruit will survive at room temperature. Whole lemons will last a bit longer if they are placed in the pantry, but can go for as long as three to four weeks if they hang out in the refrigerator (via Does It Go Bad?).

Lemons can be frozen and used another day

If, after all the lemonades, lemon squares, lemon tarts, and lemon meringue pies, you still find yourself with a substantial amount of lemons, you can move on to the next best part of buying plenty of the fruit — you can freeze these puppies in a number of different ways. Today recommends squeezing the lemons and pouring the juice into ice trays to be used in beverages, salad dressings, and even guacamole. 

But before you even squeeze them out, The Kitchn wants you to know that you can zest lemons with a grater, and then spread the zest on a baking sheet lined with parchment to freeze, before transferring everything to a sealed container to use another day. HGTV says lemons can also be frozen as wedges, or slices too, or even as whole fruits, when placed in a freezer bag. Thaw whole lemons by putting them in cold water for about 10 minutes. 

So, since your lemons will last practically forever, there's no reason not to bulk up the next time you hit Costco.