Costco's Latest Dessert Has The Internet Buzzing

If you have never had a dessert from U.K.-based Pots & Co., then welcome to the cult. The company is behind some really delicious treats like apple crumbles and chocolate fudge lava cakes. But, if individual cakes aren't your thing, Costco has plenty of other sweet treats like edible cookie dough and two-pound red velvet cakes. While Pots & Co. seem to release new desserts pretty often, the latest one to make its way to Costco is perfect for sweltering days thanks to its light and citrusy flavor (via Guilty Eats). 

One of the best parts of Pots & Co.'s desserts is that many of them come in reusable ceramic ramekins. That means you have the perfect container for baking your own little desserts at home too. Some people even think of these desserts as buying a set ramekins and getting free cake as a bonus. That's how great this entire dessert package is (via Delish). Besides, it's a lot better to collect ceramic containers rather than miss-matched plastic, if you ask us.

What you need to know about Costco's lemon cheesecakes

The latest Pots & Co. release at Costco is an upside-down lemon cheesecake, and it sounds amazing. There are layers of lemon curd throughout the cheesecake that brighten and cut through the richness of the sweet dessert. To top the upside-down cake off, there's a handmade cookie crumble instead of a crust on the bottom of the cheesecake. We can already imagine the crumbles melting away with each bite.

There are four individual desserts in a pack, and the lemon cheesecakes contain no artificial ingredients. Apparently, the dessert is currently available in the Southeast. More specifically, we know that stores in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, South Carolina, and North Carolina selling them.

We are optimistic these will continue to pop up in Costco locations across the country, even if some of us have to be a little more patient. So, keep an eye out for the scrumptious dessert, and enjoy a little summer indulgence.