The Real Reason You Should Start Using Egg Cups

Americans typically don't use egg cups — the tiny, cute little tableware specifically meant for holding a single soft-boiled egg. Some people might even think of these cups as being bougie or fancy, which might be chalked up to them being seen as an extra (and perhaps unneeded) part of a table setting (via The Takeout). But for tons of people, this is a vital part of their breakfast routine, and with good reason.

Recently, some egg cup fanatics from other countries found out about our lack of sophistication. Needless to say, they had some definite opinions. Our favorite comes from a Twitter user who said, "ok ok seriously though we did not go through 300 MILLION YEARS OF EVOLUTION to have an egg just roll around on a f****** plate."

That's a lot of emotion over an egg, but we get it. Eating a soft boiled egg can tend to look pretty messy.

Why egg cups are particularly helpful

While eating a soft boiled egg with toast points is a very common breakfast in some countries like Australia and the United Kingdom, this just isn't a typical breakfast for many Americans. We tend to eat our eggs as filled omelets, hard scrambled, or fried. When we do each soft boiled eggs, we tend to stick to poached eggs atop decadent eggs Benedict (via Huffington Post). However, if you do eat soft boiled eggs, even if it is just from time to time, then egg cups are totally necessary for a leisurely meal without a mess.

The small cup holds a single soft boiled egg upright so the egg doesn't fall to its side as you crack it open and dip the toast points into the runny yolk. It might seem like a small addition to your place setting, but it really will simplify your morning.