Here's Why You Should Think Twice About Having Wine With Dessert

The candlelight twinkles, the music stirs in the background, and placed before you on crisp white linen are your two very favorite things: a glass of wine and a slice or a scoop or a tiny ramekin of something sweet. Maybe, there is a single, perfect raspberry or a playful dollop of whipped cream nestled on the side. Or, some dark chocolate shavings. Even before we mention who's sitting across the table from you at this dreamy scene, be honest: we've already described the perfect fantasy. Because wine and dessert are two indulgences that go together, like flirtation and laughter or dancing and jazz. They define the perfect evening, especially if you have a sweet tooth

We hate to throw cold water on this scenario, but it turns out that pairing dessert and wine might be one of the unhealthiest food combinations ever. To begin with, the combo makes for quite the calorie bomb: wine can range from around 100 to over 200 calories per glass, depending upon sweetness. A single cup of vanilla ice cream might contain 267 calories, for example (per EatThis). Talk about a buzz kill!

Drinking may make it harder for you to say no to seconds

We know what you're thinking: life is too short to skip dessert! What's wrong with enjoying your two favorite treats? You're talking about one glass of wine and not a bottle; one piece of cake, not the entire contents of the Bundt pan! The problem is, wine may lower your inhibitions, encouraging you to go for seconds or thirds. Plus, drinking actually stimulates hunger, experts say. "Studies show that people will consume more at meals when they're including alcohol or have been drinking before the meal," registered dietitian Ginger Hultin told CNN. "Instead of the body recognizing 'I just got a lot of calories, so I have fuel and I'm full,' the opposite occurs. Though calories have been ingested, the brain is triggering more food intake."

If you just have to order wine with your dessert – because, sometimes you just need the two to complete a perfect evening – the healthiest way to enjoy both indulgences requires assistance from your dining companion. Order yourself a glass of wine and then share the dessert (per FitDay). And who knows? Maybe that will lead to a different kind of daydream coming true once you leave the restaurant.