The Secret Ingredient Responsible For Jif Peanut Butter's Great Taste

Are you eagerly hungering after Jif's squeezable, 13 oz peanut butter pouch (via Flexible Packaging)? The squeezable peanut butter pouch, set to be released in July 2020, is undeniably the perfect product for all of us who have been desperately looking for an easier way to spread peanut butter on their PB&J. And, admit it, not many peanut butters do peanut butter and jelly sandwiches like Jif does. The company is consistently ranked among the most sought-after peanut butter brands in the country (via Eat This, Not That!).  

That's because it includes an ingredient that most of its biggest competitors can't live up to. While Skippy, Peter Pan, Smuckers, and Reese's all use sugar or honey as sweeteners in their nutty spreads, Jif made the daring decision to go in a different direction. What's the secret ingredient that makes it impossible for you to eat just one spoonful of Jif? (We know, craving peanut butter is something we struggle with, too.) Molasses.  

Why molasses makes Jif peanut butter irresistible

Molasses, which is the magic ingredient in everything from gingerbread cookies and rums to marinades to barbecue sauces, has a sweet smoky flavor that combines blissfully with salty, fatty peanut butter. It's a match made in heaven, like bacon was made for eggs and like grilled cheese was made for tomato soup.  

Need proof? Try out the combination by making some molasses-peanut butter glazed ribs, or a peanut-butter molasses sauce for stir-fries (via Allrecipes and Taste of Home). If you have a sweet tooth, you can bake up a batch of peanut butter molasses cookies (via A Taste of Madness). And if you're in a rush, grill yourself an Atlantic Canadian classic: a peanut butter and molasses sandwich (via Crosby's). We promise you won't be disappointed. 

It's something to think about next time you're struggling to pick between Jif and "not Jif."